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Wow! 1984 Really IS Here!

"Samsung's 2012 top-of-the-line plasmas and LED HDTVs offer new features never before available within a television including a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking and speech recognition." — NBCNEWS.com — Gary Mason
And no, you cannot really turn it off with any assurance!:
 link to www.nbcnews.com

See my comment at:
 link to govtslaves.info

The comment is simply:

"Let me be your big brother! Why not? I will keep an eye on you all the time! You see, there are now two distinct classes: a ruling patrician observer class, and a common subordinate observee class. I belong to the former, and you probably belong to the latter. You should accept your position with grace, and avoid making futile complaints. Thank you."

This is the last straw for me.

what do you mean, last straw 20.Nov.2012 11:20


what are you going to do? Not buy a tv? Tons of people are not going to buy that tv. what are you going to actually DO about this supposed big brother you fret about? One that can be defeated by putting a piece of electrical tape over the lens of whatever tracking device is invading your privacy.

I Said: The Last Straw FOR ME (and our gang) — FROM YOU! 20.Nov.2012 19:05


I am not the least bit afraid of the new Samsung TVs, the millions of Walmart spy cams, street cams, etc, etc. Why should I be? After all WE, of the ruling patrician observer class, are using them to watch over YOU of the common subordinate observee class — for your own good — of course. These cameras and microphones certainly do not spy upon US at all. How could WE allow that to occur when we require utmost secrecy and access to classified materials — again for YOUR own good — to be sure?

Resistance is futile. Our spider-eye cams are too small for you to find, and can see in the dark. The microphones are even smaller and completely impossible to find. But always remember — it's ALL there so WE can protect YOU from YOURSELVES. You should thank us, obviously.

Journalists are So Upset By The "Nazi Regime" They Serve 21.Nov.2012 04:49

Tracy Mapes

...they Go Out of Their Way to try and Warn the Public.

Here in this Recent State Sponsored Propaganda Film, Anderson Cooper "Outs" the Fakery of Israel Push for the Pretext to War in Gaza.

In this CNN Broadcast You will see the Use of Green Screen Technology to Place Mr. Cooper in an Imagined War to Bolster Public Support for the Un-Warranted Retaliation Against Gaza.


Runtime: 11min 19sec

A Vast “Screening” Operation. 22.Nov.2012 03:04


The relevant facts have STILL escaped your notice? You did not observe that the aggressively stalked individuals are mostly not "radical" in any sense?

They are almost always simple normal, and mostly nice, people.

Why do you suppose that would be?

"THEY" are seeking out non-sociopathic (thus non-disabled) individuals who will nonetheless "target" nice regular citizens.

They have uses for such individuals.

It is a vast "screening" operation.

YavgULiMDTNtt 10.Jan.2015 06:19

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