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VIDEO: "Stop The War On Gaza" Protest In Pioneer Square On 11/17

Protests world-wide are currently being held against possible apartheid and war by invasion of Gaza from Israeli forces. In Portland, over 150 people took to the streets to show support for the Palestinian citizens.

JoeAnybody.com Report-Back:

As part of the national outcry for Palestinian peace in the Gaza strip, protesters in Portland held a large rally in Pioneer Square. They along with people across the world were asking for boycotting of Israeli products, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. This they call this the "BDS" movement, and supporters are hoping that ally's withdraw support and investments, and that the US stops supporting the furthering war and tension by not supplying arms or aid. Many muslim-americans attended this event and held signs in support, and there was a surprise visit from a Palestinian-American who read two powerfully emotional poems. After a large attention grabbing rally, protesters took to the streets to march through downtown Portland and bring awareness to the unrest that has plagued this part of the middle east for over a half century. Though the US has backed Israel from the beginning, the actions taken by the Israeli forces that were a precursor to this event have many Americans thinking differently. With three previous assinations of Hamas Palestinian leaders, close to 100 dead, and a 1,000 wounded by Israel following the retaliation, it is easy to see how this war has resurfaced.

Organizers have planned another action called "Stop The War On Gaza Pt.2" for wednesday which will be at 5pm in Pioneer Square again, and larger than the first. Click here for more info.

Video Links:

Israel Anti-War Protest In Pioneer Square (Short)

Israel Anti-War Protest In Pioneer Square (Full Version)

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