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Stop Israel's war on Gaza!

About 200 people showed up yesterday to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and demand an end to Israel's ongoing attacks on Gaza. On November 14, two days after a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, Israel fired off a missile into Gaza, targeting and killing Ahmed Jabari, leader of Hamas' military wing, even though Jabari had been negotiating for a truce for peace with Israel through Egyptian officials. After days of bombing Gaza with Israeli airstrikes, drones and warships, over 66 Palestinians have been killed, including 32 civilians, and more than 400 wounded. 3 Israelis have been killed, with about 50 wounded.

Several activists spoke passionately about the suffering of the Palestinians under Israel's brutal and unjust occupation. Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian-American poet, writer and activist performed two powerful poems, "Coexist" and "Normalize This." All of the speakers condemned ongoing US support of Israel, which funds Israeli occupation, attacks and apartheid policies. They also criticized the biased and untruthful reporting of the corporate media, which unfailingly casts Israel as the "victim" defending itself from Palestinian "terrorists," when in reality, Israel is the real terrorist and perpetrator, using its overwhelming military power to attack and oppress defenseless civilians in Gaza.

The speakers called for activists to support the local BDS efforts, and connected the Palestinian struggle for justice with our local resistance for justice and human rights against imposed austerity, corruption, evictions,and police assaults.

The protest was organized by Students United for Palestinian Rights (SUPER), the Portland Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Coalition (PDX BDS), Americans United for Palestinian Equal Rights (AUPHR), and Portland Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

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