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Join or Lead a Tree Care Team

Join or Lead a Tree Care Team in 2013
Learn tree care skills while helping to improve the health and productivity of urban fruit trees!

Each Tree Care Team will care for a cluster of PFTP-registered fruit trees, visiting each tree once per season to complete the full spectrum of care. Each team is instructed & guided by two 'Team Leaders' with experience and skills in organic fruit tree care. This is a unique opportunity to develop strong skills in organic fruit tree care, meet new people, and care for trees providing food to your community!

Members and Leaders will participate in ten 3-hour work-parties over an 11-month period (January-November, 2013). Topics/tasks will include: Winter & Summer Pruning, Young Tree Training & Care, Pest & Disease Management, Fruit Thinning, and more. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Volunteer position descriptions for Tree Care Team Members and Tree Care Team Leaders are available on our website: portlandfruit.org

To apply: Call 503-284-6106 or email  bob@portlandfruit.org to request an application form.

homepage: homepage: http://portlandfruit.org
phone: phone: 503-284-6106
address: address: 1912 NE Killingsworth