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VIDEO: Veterans Day Rally Against Postal Service Cuts 11/12

A group of over a hundred protesters gathered in Portland's living room yesterday to rally and march to stop cuts to public services and the Post Office in rememberance of Veterans Day.
StreetNews Report:

Veterans and Portland activists from multiple organizations such as Portland Jobs With Justice, Veterans For Peace, and Communities & Postal Workers United held a large successful rally in Pioneer Square before marching in numbers over 100 to the Portland World Trade Center building to protest cuts to the Postal Service as well as deficiencies that US veterans are facing today, such as their homelessness and a lack of adequete jobs and benefits. Jamie Partridge from CPWU once again led the chants and took the reigns in organizing the event. Portlanders ended the great rally by singing along to "God Bless America" in an emotional ending. Thanks to all the great people who came out, and thanks to all our veterans and public service employees.

Video Link:

Veterans Day Post Office Rally & March In Portland

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