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american media rushes to cover-up patraeus’ cocaine operation in chile

in reagan's iran-contra fiasco, the cia flew cocaine out of south america, through secret airbases in central america, and on into the u.s., either through border crossings in california and texas, or secret airfields in arkansas. at least two of ex-president g.h.w. bush's sons are rumored to have been pilots involved in the operation. covering their asses was the motivation to invade panama and kidnap president manuel noriega, once a trusted partner in the smuggling ring. in order to market the cocaine to people in impoverished communities, the cia initiated the 1980′s crack cocaine epidemic.
it's iran-contra all over again!

you'd think that the obama administration's continuation and escalation of his predecessor's most insane policies - secret detentions at secret prisons, selling weapons to mexican drug cartels, mass murder through drone attacks in africa and asia, trillions of dollars printed just to be dumped into the accounts of banksters - would have convinced even the most deluded ninny that there is no clear difference between the major parties.

just to drive the point home, now - less than a week after obomber's re-selection as chief gangster of the red, white, and blue gulag america - his administration is feverishly working to keep the public's attention firmly pointed away from the fact that the cia has just been caught running cocaine to fund its covert operations. though the operation in question was not directly implicated in the benghazi gun-running affair, one has to wonder about the source of all the money the cia was using to buy up libyan weapons to ship to its proxy, terrorist armies in syria and lebanon.

if an operation by the cia to sell cocaine to fund terrorist groups rings any bells in your old, gray head, it's because this has happened before, when demigod ex-president, ronald wilson reagan used funds raised by selling cocaine smuggled into the u.s. to fund various terrorist groups around the world - from the mujahideen in afghanistan (who we are now fighting in order to protect the opium fields), to jonas savimbi's unita in angola, the khmer rouge in cambodia, and the contras in central america.

just as the iran-contra scandal included drug-running operations, so does the cia's covert campaign of international regime change. the u.s. has decided that it is high time that it exert - through the executive branch - the right to pick who rules what country, under what kind of regime. sometimes this is done in the name of "national interests," but it can be undertaken for the flimsiest of reasons, like the bush family's vanity wars in southwest asia.

however, the american media is spinning the story as a sex scandal to cover up gun-running operations which transferred weapons between syrian and libyan factions of various arab and persian terrorist groups, including our opponent in afghanistan and yemen, al queda.

since when is a gun-running operation seen as a "scandal?" that's one of the things the cia does. as noted above, there have been many gun-running operations in recent history, particularly in the cold war era. no one in the u.s. has been run out of office because of running weapons to african, south american, asian, and even european terrorists and dictatorships.

there's much, much more to this story, from end times news

 link to endtimesnews.wordpress.com

Reagan's Iran-Contra Fiasco__“Scandal”. 13.Nov.2012 16:11

no one

(Like a bad acid flashback) Reagan's Iran-Contra Fiasco__Scandal ("SCAM"dal) Revisited.
(*Flashback to 1987 and ronald raygun*— for making *Monumental Connections*... historically linking the 'past' to the 'present' to the 'future') The Secret Government PBS 1987 Bill Moyers  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiRBxDEGDqw
"Reagan Knew Everything." — Oliver North

Historically speaking... the global "Drug War" is a corporatized/industrialized "product" for sale (same as the global "9/11 War on Terror")— and it is 'forced on people' against their will. $$$$$ a.k.a —> Corporatist Economic Fascism

Global Fraud on a global scale which is all intrinsically linked to the mechanizations of Imperialism... and the global war, strife and conflict/conquest that is its hegemony 'agenda and design'. It is past time to Unplug the Machines/Systems Designed For Perpetual War— for the GREED & "profit driven system" that is at the expense of us all. $$$

—>>> It's past time to MAKE CONNECTIONS and SEE THE BIG PICTURE. <<<—
History always repeats lest it is remembered.

Never Forget History or the LIES of the past as well as the present— because they *CREATE THE FUTURE*.


We have FREEWILL to see the truth.
Information is POWER and has the ability to change WorldViews.
InSight with 'eyes wide open'—> it is past time to *SHATTER MYTHS & ILLUSIONS* created on the basis of fraud, deception, betrayals, hypocrisy and 'institutionalized/corporatized/militarized/globalized untruths'.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Studying history is necessary to avoid repeating past mistakes. Those who forget history and the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat it." — George Santayana (Law of Repetitive Consequences)

What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy— The War Against the Third World  http://addictedtowar.com/dorrel.html

Bankster Gangster State - Michael Parenti  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5YVVo7ToHo
Michael Parenti tells it like it is. (***Flashback - 1993 Seminar***... Never Forget History Lest It Repeat) The Gangster Nature of the State - Michael Parenti (Part 1 of 6)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZJ5g8JppyQ&feature=related
Gangster State on vimeo:  http://vimeo.com/20715539
Studying Untold History that went unreported by the corporate mainstream media "news" oftentimes Helps People with Understanding the ***CRIMINAL NATURE OF THE STATE***.

Peter Dale Scott speaks out about 'looking deeper' for explanations into understanding the 'reality of history'— *Deep History*... Deep Events... Deep Politics... Deep State  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDZR72PPUO0&feature=related
Drugs and the Economy - Peter Dale Scott on Economics 101 (possible connections between 'Drug Money', Wall Street & War)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvhiK0reDwE&

The entire system is fraudulent and is powered by the 'art of deception' and by the 'art of war' (manufactured "war on drugs"/ manufactured "war on terror"). The entire system is *rigged*... it is engineered so that the only people who benefit from it are the people with the most money $$$. The rest of us are potential "Sacrifices for the WarSystem".

Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World - By Michael Parenti - 02/17/07  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article17102.htm

—>>>Make Connections<<<—

Always QUESTION so-called "authority"... IN ALL WAYS. In all areas of inquiry. It is the only way to 'smash the system' of never ending lies and war dogma. We have *freewill* to unplug from corporate control with regard to "official stories" that we are bombarded with via the corporate airwaves $$$. Questioning toxic lies is healthy for all. No more toxic lies/myths/illusions/war dogma that is killing the planet.

p.s.— Corporate Mainstream Media is COMPLICIT through their never-ending SILENCE relating to so many different related 'interconnecting issues'. So much in the conglomerated corporate media gets "swept under the rug". . . "out of sight"—"out of mind".

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it and report back what they saw. . . . .
Did it Fall?

The answer of course is —YES— it did fall.

There is a lot "falling by the wayside these days" that goes unreported. That is the way the corporate media likes it (--it is the way the media/the "system" is DESIGNED- it is "rigged to benefit the few"--). —NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO JUSTICE— Just "greed profit drive" and "dollar signs" gained at the 'expense of the innocent'. $$$$$$$$$$
REMEMBER HISTORY— Oliver North and the Iran/Contra “Scamdal”.
REMEMBER HISTORY— Oliver North and the Iran/Contra “Scamdal”.

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