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free bus ride to seaside November 15th to save salmon

On November 15th there will be a joint meeting of Washington Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Department of Fish an Wildlife to discuss the future of the Columbia River Salmon.
If you are concerned about Salmon on the Columbia River this is the meeting to attend. There is a working group made up of the commissions of the Washington Department of fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Department of ish and Wildlife that will decide the future of Columbia River Salmon at this meeting. The meeting is in Seaside the morning of November 15th but a free bus is being provided by the stop gillnets now coalition, of which the HSUS is a part.

Here is the link to sign up:  http://stopgillnets.com/seaside/

I agree but... 12.Nov.2012 07:23


I agree with you that gillnetting is destructive and cruel, but it's impact seems pretty minor compared to the dams. Would it not be better to focus our energy in that area?

nobody came 15.Nov.2012 22:10


The meeting was very well attended by those who kill salmon for fun and profit. But I was the lone voice amoung over 1000 who was there in support of sea lions. I arrived too late to give testimony for the sea lions as all the spots were taken well before the meeting started. It is with great sorrow that I report that the sea lions are not going to recieve any salmon for themselves on the Columbia River - no one was there to ask for salmon for the sea lions.

I find it hard to believe that we can fill the front row at a sea lion hazing meeting just last week but cannot show up at all for the meeting that decides who gets how many salmon for decades to come. The sea lionshave been left without support. If we could have gotten the sea lions even 1/2 of what th fisheries take there would never be a nned to kill another sea lion on the Columbia River for the crime of eating fish. Remember November 15th, 2012 and what you were doing on the day that you could have saved the Columbia River sea lions - I hope it was mre important that the lives of all the sea lions that will be killed from this date forward for the crime of eating salmon.

i cry fowl 07.Dec.2012 11:01

pike minnow

Thanks for showing up for the sea lions and the salmon they both need strong advocates to ensure their symbiotic survival ---

if you want to speak up for the sea lions and or comment on the fact that the fishermen are allocating all of the fish for themselves the public can comment here:  odfw.commission@state.or.us

Just because you do not see us does not mean we were not there...
Where were you here?