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Petraeus resigns as CIA director after drug-running allegations from Ecuador

the fact that the FBI was investigating CIA chief Petraeus when it discovered his extra-marital affair may well point out the truth behind rumors that there is an impending coup attempt and civil war brewing in the u.s.
Petraeus resigns as CIA director after Ecuadoran President Correa cites "credible" evidence that the CIA is running cocaine to fund regime change there

Ecuador Says Charges About CIA Interference are Credible

from prensa latina

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said denunciations about US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interference to destabilize his government and hinder his reelection are credible. During a television-broadcast interview with journalist Jorge Gestoso, Correa referred to the denunciations presented by UK ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray and the Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell and said they acre credible because there are precedents.

Replying to denigration of those denunciations by the ambassador in this capital, he said: "I trust in Obama's government. I trust in Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Adam Namm. I believe the government does not know, but it does not mean it is not happening."

He also said that if a government is carrying out destabilizing operations, it does not mean that country's ambassador is going to say: yes, we admit what we are doing. He would say those are rumors.

Correa also referred to the denunciation by Chilean journalist Patricio Mary Bell about apparent CIA and DEA operations to bring 300 kilograms of drugs monthly in Chile and financing destabilization of the Ecuadorian government with the excess.

He stated that it was a similar case to the Iran-Contras scandal, by means of which resources from illegal weapon sale to Iran were embezzled to finance the counter-revolution in Nicaragua, to evade the US Congress control.

He also said those are operations that are plotted and carried out behind a government's back and in this case, he thinks Obama's government "would not do these things conscientiously."

Correa considerd feasible that the CIA is a superstructure that acts independently from its government and the public scrutiny and said there are precendents about CIA operations without the US government awareness.

He also remarked that permanently, not necessarily the CIA, US ultra-rightwing foundations are financing civil organizations to destabilize, based on criticism, the Ecuadorian national government and he mentioned Fundamedios as an example.

Asked if he feared to be assassinated, Correa said "it was a possibility that can not be ruled out" and recalled the events on September 30, 2010 with the coup attempt.

"Although the media denies what can not be denied, the pictures of the six bullets shot to the presidential car, in which they thought he was, are there. The orders were to kill the president," he recalled after highlighting that "those people are capable of anything to defend their privileges."

CIA Director Petraeus quits

By Connie Cass and Kimberly Dozier Associated Press, reposted from the chicago tribune

David Petraeus, the retired four-star general renowned for taking charge of the military campaigns in Iraq and then Afghanistan, abruptly resigned Friday as director of the CIA, admitting to an extramarital affair.

The affair was discovered during an FBI investigation, according to officials briefed on the developments. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter. It was unclear what the FBI was investigating or when it became aware of the affair.

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