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Brain Cancer Doubled in Past 10 Years in Denmark

Here it is folks. The much predicted tsunami of cell phone related deaths yet no one has dared to suggest that the telecommunications empire might be acting as sociopathic, greed driven mass murderers while more and more people contract the devastating health problems that cell phones cause. Our children will be the worst hit as they are more susceptible to harm from microwave radiation. Children are now more likely to die of brain cancer than any other disease. Go Steve Jobs!! An AMerican Hero !! We love our assassins. Is it time for a corporate death penalty??
Spike in "Aggressive" Brain Cancer in Denmark
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November 8, 2012

The Danish Cancer Society is reporting that the number of men diagnosed with glioblastoma —the most malignant type of brain cancer— has nearly doubled over the last ten years. Hans Skovgaard Poulsen, the head of neuro-oncology at Copenhagen University Hospital, is calling it a "frightening development."

The society is not linking the increase to cell phones or to anything else. "We have no idea what caused it," Poulsen said in a statement issued by the Danish Cancer Society on November 2.

Both the Interphone study and the group led by Sweden's Lennart Hardell have reported that long-term cell phone use is associated with higher rates of glioma. (Glioblastoma is a type of glioma.)

"I think the data is true and valid," Christoffer Johansen of the Danish Cancer Society told Microwave News. Johansen is a member of the team that has been working on the Danish cohort study, which has been investigating the possible links between cell phones and brain tumors. The group has long maintained that there is no association. (For an analysis of the Danish cohort study, follow this link.)

Like Poulsen, Johansen did not offer any explanation as to what may have led to the increase.

Joachim Schüz, who used to work at the Danish Cancer Society and is now with IARC, could not be reached for comment. Both Schüz and Johansen were members of the Interphone project.

Schüz has long said that he does not believe that cell phones present a brain tumor risk. One of his main arguments against an association has been that national cancer statistics have stayed relatively stable.

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with absolutely no causal data 09.Nov.2012 09:12


Don't let that stop you from rampant speculation though.

Link to Summary of original Danish report 11.Nov.2012 01:10


Duhh... (or duhh nile)

It's a combination of several factors; primarily
1. the cell phones with the antennae right up against your head, with nary a gap
2. basic electromagnetism, specifically the inverse square intensity law which states the intensity is proportional to 1/(4 pi R^2)

As for the ever growing evidence that has been piling up, start with a link of the above from the Danish source:

 link to www.cancer.dk

--begin quote--
Voldsom stigning i nye tilfælde af aggressiv hjernekræft

Antallet af mænd, der får konstateret den allermest ondartede form for kræft i hjernen (Glioblastom), er næsten fordoblet hen over de seneste ti år. - Vi aner ikke, hvad det skyldes og knokler for at knække koden til en bedre behandling end den, vi kan tilbyde i dag, siger overlæge Hans Skovgaard Poulsen fra Rigshospitalet. I dag er den gennemsnitlige levetid bare halvandet år, efter at diagnosen er stillet.

En kraftig stigning i antallet af nye tilfælde af den særdeles aggressive og ondartede form for hjernekræft, Glioblastom, får nu læger og forskere til at intensivere arbejdet i laboratorierne i håb om at finde en mere effektiv behandling.

--end quote[cont'd at url linked above]--

These are for the most aggressive brain tumors, and it is completely consistent with previous studies that pegs the increase of cancer anywhere from 3 to 5 fold rate of non-regular cell users; the data on the 2012 study (linked first, below) is undeniable. Other studies likewise have indicated 3 to 5 fold increase in cancer risks. Also by the way, an israeli study of years ago showed large cancer clusters near cell towers; so keep in mind the 3 fold lower number does even account for second hand GHz rf pollution exposure.


 link to www.telegraph.co.uk


The list above really could be much longer, but start there maybe.