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Prineville man tortured by police

Full article here:  link to www.ktvz.com
A news story by KTVZ depicts a horrible story:

"Hooper says he was handcuffed, pepper sprayed in the face and Tased by Prineville police. Later, they took him to a hospital, where he was restrained.

It's unclear why the officer is touching Hooper in the video in the first place. But it is clear that everyone in the room was made aware the camera was running as one of the people in the room says something to the affect of audio and video are being recorded.

Mathers says what you see in the video of Hooper with Prineville police officers is blatant torture. He added that he was surprised the tape of what happened hadn't been destroyed."

A video of the incident is posted on the website here:  link to www.ktvz.com

The graphic video shows Curits Hooper restrained in a medical bed. An officer pulls his index finger back, breaking it, while Hooper pleas.

The officer who broke Hooper's finger, Rob Robbins, was fired, but received no legal punishment.