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Protest The Rigged Corporate Electronic Machine American Elections!!! No More "Two-Party"

The truth is totally simple. It always was. For centuries they have known. In any reasonably normal society, the majority tends to favor justice. Money can buy Harvard and Yale. It can buy so many votes. And presidents and judges. Always has been. IT JUST MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO BUY YOU!!!
And the answer to our pleading, is so incredibly simple. The Game of Chess is notoriously not simple. Yet the basic rules of chess can be learned easily in one afternoon. Yet the ramifications of so many games of chess are complicated almost beyond measure! The nature of the game? This is also the nature of our so-called "election system." And of virtually every other election system as well. THERE IS ONE ONLY ONE EXCEPTION!!! it has been well-known for a very long time. Yet so well hidden!
The rules are dirt-simple! You are allowed to give as many eligible candidates for any office between "1" to "10" votes! Depending on your degree of preference, or your degree of perceived obtainability. You would never vote for one you have no preference for, but you would be foolish to vote for one you presume to have no chance of being elected (obtained). (Realistically, you may only be allowed to vote for so many people, since we can't have crazy people taking all month to vote for everyone in the telephone book.)

And the counting is so simple, it's additive, you simply add up the votes. NO NEED TO SEND ALL OR ANY OF THE RESULTS TO ANY LARGER COUNTING STATION BEFORE ANNOUNCING THE RETURNS LOCALLY!

All that needs to be done beyond that is simply demolish the electronic voting machines.

Freedom is not all that difficult to achieve. If you use your head just a little bit farther.