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Mailing Address for Occupy Portland Protestor In Jail

Please make available to the Occupy Portland office the mailing address for the inmate at the coast prison who was arrested for protesting at the Occupy Portland encampment last fall so caring citizens like myself can encourage him. His mom asked folks at the Occupy Portland Open House this fall to write him and then I lost his mailing address.
I'm not sure if he or his mom want his mailing address on the website such that he might get hate mail, but please do make his address available to us caring nice folks who want to encourage him. Please make his address available to the Occupy Portland office and to St. Francis parish.

We never know when we might be the next person in jail or prison, lonely, and told lies to discourage us and kill our spirit. Remember, not every prisoner or inmate is guilty, and every person needs caring humanity and empathic respect from others with integrity to help him/her transform and heal. Let us stand together so we don't fall and die alone. Our solidarity as human beings helps us be stronger when our times of trial and suffering come, and how we handle our ease now and our stress later, determines our character and future individually and collectively.

I feel very sad and sorry I lost the mailing address and I want to get it and make it better. Please help. Thanks.