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But.......I wanted Something!

This article is a compilation of headlining, news making incidents, involving interracial relationships. Most were isolated and occurred in the areas in which they lived. Sadly, the stories are filled with violence and abuse.
But.....I Wanted Something!

Which way would you go, if all you wanted in life was a fancy car and a million dollar home? What would you do to acquire it? What would it take to bring home the bacon every nite? We all know what happened in the case of O.J. Simpson. He was a famous quarter back who had his whole career ahead of him. At 31, he married a beach blonde beauty named Nicole Smith and bought a million dollar mansion in Brentwood, California. Shortly after, they had two children, a girl and a boy. We know life was good to this couple for many years. But what happened? One summer night when Nicole came home late with an old male companion, named Ron Goldman, O.J. was there at the door waiting to greet them. It looked like a sordid affair. But wait! Let's stop and talk things over. What would you have done for a beautiful white woman on your arm; the grand prize for a star quarterback. Well, we all know what happened in this case. O.J. has lived the rest of his life in regret of that night. He's been running ever since. And now he's spending time behind bars for something else, anyway.

And what about Dr. J.O.S Okeke. You may not have heard of him. He married a shy and quiet brunette, Margret Christine, from South Wales, UK. Originally from Nigeria, they were married in Europe and had their honeymoon in Portugal. Five children followed, four girls and a boy. Growing up in an expensive home in an exclusive neighborhood, wasn't a bad life either. But that summer, two of their children had died from circumstantial accidents. The neighbors barely knew! They wondered what they had been doing to earn a living. Was it fraud? Something illegal? Why were the police parked outside the house that afternoon? Well, that night Joseph and Christine were both questioned by CPS and other local officials. The investigation is now underway.

And let's look at the case of John Staples. You haven't seen him before. Young and dashing; he wanted a black girl. At 16, he met beautiful "Midnight". She was dark and lovely and she bore him a son, a boy. She wanted so much to have a family, a fancy car, a nice apartment. That year, he was arrested for burglarizing a motor vehicle. He got into so much trouble in jail, He ended up doing 12 years behind bars. What did he want? If he couldn't provide for his family alone, why didn't he ask for help? The word is He's been back to jail again twice this summer. We will keep you posted.

Just recently we were all shocked to hear of the accidental shooting death of Alex Tremain Whitfield; an 11 year old boy who lived with His mother, Christie Wenzel, in Houston, Texas. On Sunday afternoon, Alex was dropped off at His father's house; the couple were apparently living at separate residences. Minuets later, 4 of His friends came over to the apartment and went looking through the closet for money to buy some food when they found the loaded gun. Somehow, the 15 year old fired the weapon which ricocheted off in different directions before hitting Alex in his arm. He died at the scene before CPR could be rendered. The hysterical Christie Wenzel, sobbed bitterly as she described the death of her son. A child with a priceless smile, who loved to sing and dance, can not be replaced in our hearts. Let's pray His parents come to terms with their loss.

You may not have heard, but a local mom and her two sons were found shot to death Tuesday outside of a hotel room in El Campo, Texas. Brandy Cerney was killed by her ex-husband Demond Blunston, age 36. The two, had recently had a son and were living in and out of motel rooms. They were last seen on Dunlop St., where neighbors and investigators discovered the bodies. Now, this story is typical of the many of the loveless relationships we hear about in the newspaper and on TV. Its seems Brandy already had a son, who was 6 years old by another man. Her 21 month year old, was fathered by Demond Blunston; so we can all imagine what went on in that relationship. Whether He loved Her or not, Demond was arrested Wednesday morning for the death of Brandy, the death of his 21 month year old son, and injury to a child with her 6 year old. Our heart goes out to this lovely young mother, now never to be seen again. Details are posted on Khou 11; June 2012

And lastly let's hear of the recent case in Minnesota involving Chris Tillman and Josselyn Bishop. Both 19, they had been dating only a few months. Suddenly one day, the bubblely brunette wanted to "break things off". She was unsure if she was in, what her friends and roommates called, an abusive relationship. After agreeing to meet and talk things over, he quickly changed his mind. Chris had brought a knife with him! Well, we all know what happened; it was on the news this week. Was it something she said? She told him she was seeing other people. Will we ever know what caused this handsome young man to display such a rush of aggression towards this lovely 19 year old? Apparently, unbeknowsted to law enforcement, He did slash all her tires. Where were the police? Chris Tillman is now facing 2nd degree murder charges and a $400,000 bond. Please view Josselyn's memorial video and candlelight vigil on "You Tube" this month. We will miss her.

By uchenna okeke

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