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PPB Sergeant Kyle Nice back on duty

PPB Sergeant Kyle Nice back on duty
Portland Police Bureau Sergeant Kyle Nice is pictured here (The Oregonian / Ross Hamilton) spraying non-violent protestors in the 11/3/2012 'Anti-Austerity Rally".
Nice beat James Chasse to death in 2006. He was suspended from duty in April 2010 for acting "inappropriately" in an off-duty Washington County traffic confrontation where he displayed his police pistol in a threatening manner. In September 2012 Portland police chief Mike Reese put him back on duty at East Precinct in September.
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He's at it again!! 04.Nov.2012 20:43

Ticked off!

Isn't that were that Nazi Kruger is? Looks like that's the place for the violent fu%*s fromPPD to go.
Some kind of action out there needed?

Pay Day! 05.Nov.2012 13:50


Someone should start coordiating this law suit.

What dipshit put that man up front?

Time to draft initiatives 05.Nov.2012 17:03

Kathleen Bushman

I believe it's time to draft an initiative to cut the police budget and/or bring police bullies into court. I hope we have enough community support to cut the police budget by 1/2 or 2/3rds. At the very least, I do not think Portland taxpayers are willing to reward the police department for failure with a bigger budget the way our City Council has done recently and is about to do again.