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Breaking News PIMC 11.3.12

portland indymedia breaking news for november 3 2012
(end 11.3.12 16:26)

David Irving has left the building

Rose City Antifa urging people to keep the calls coming as David Irving is trying to stall his departure from LaQuinta Inn.

Anti-Austerity march is back at Holladay Park

LaQuinta Inn is asking Irving to leave

One arrest at Anti-Austerity march. Police are now directing the march.

Police on the scene at La Quinta Inn

Blockade of the doors at LaQuinta Inn. Nazis, trying to push through, unable to attend David Irving.

1,200 people attending the Anti-Austerity protest

Folks getting peppersprayed at Anti-Austerity protest and a few arrests made.

He is there now but official start time is 3pm

Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi David Irving is speaking at the LaQuinta Inn in NW Portland 4319 North West Yeon

David Irving at 4319 North West Yeon
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: 1-503-497-9044
Fax: 1-503-497-1030

Anti-Austerity cuts protest today 1pm Holladay Park

(begin 11.3.12 12:50)