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GOP supress Tax Report

Interesting fact suppressed-No correlation between job and economic growth and tax cuts at top earner tax cuts.
Out for Truth
Out for Truth
You new this already, but this does show certain portions of the government are trying to sport the facts and other portions trying to suppress them.

Hansen was working with NASA and worked hard to reveal global warming to the public.
Whistle blowers have been extraordinarily courageous to reveal miss managed government.

I suspect some democrats are likely to suppress any fact that challenges there political careers too. Does Benghazi ring a bell?
You got to wonder if the murder of Bin laden was a TV hoax... but I digress.

We will see what the president does, but it seems the SOS (same old shit)will be at hand after the election. Has there been a change that will eliminate chronic corruption?

The report.

The white wash