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Sand in the Eyes

Troops in place for Nov. 6
Sand(y) in the Eyes
Sand(y) in the Eyes
Defense Dept.'s relief efforts? In violation of Posse Comitatus.

NORTHCOMM and Air Force liaison officers coordinating efforts in...Boston (downed trees) and elsewhere...Plans for NY Guard units to deploy to... Missouri, Penn.

Power cuts, curfews, 7400 guard troops deployed, with another 61,000 in reserve, in blue zone population centers on the East Coast, for ah, humanitarian purposes--
or in case the beleaguered American people finally stir on the occasion of another fake election, or real election theft.

Counterterrorism chief in on the "relief effort" meetings. Say no more...

article:  link to thehill.com

not correct 01.Nov.2012 16:18


Posse comitatus refers to federal troops. National Guard are state controlled and work under different laws that allow them to be used for emergency response.

better save the women and children first 01.Nov.2012 23:29


So are they in swing states where voter suppression could decide which bowl of shit you have carrying out imperialisms duties or ard they only in the solid block of democratic east coast? You know, before you come up with this shit you might want to have it make sense.

That being said police roadblocks were one of the deterents to voting in 2000 and 2004.