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Please Attend to help Oregon's Sea Lions

Town Hall meeting on the Columbia River sea lions --
Please attend this very important meeting--the indigenous Columbia river sea lions lives are at stake here and so are 13 runs of endangered salmon--they depend on our voice to save them from being scapegoated by a greedy fishing industry--Sea Lions are being killed for eating only 1% of the fish while human's currently kill 17% of the fish and are asking for more. Please do not let sport fishing weaken and destroy the Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972 (MMPA) more than they already have. True conservation of our iconic endangered salmon starts with lowering human predation not raising it. The very survival of marine mammals and endangered species are at stake here---Please attend and let David Hunt know that marine mammals and endangered species survival on the Willamette /Columbia rivers are important to you. A healthy ecology coupled with indigenous marine mammal and endangered salmon survival should have higher priority than killing for sport.

Please bring the family, make signs if you like,
carpooling can be arranged--please share this message

Town hall on sea lions is Nov. 8
Oregon Rep. Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas) will be holding a town hall about California sea lion/fish conflicts on Nov. 8 in Oregon City.
The free meeting is at 6:30 p.m. in the Banquet Room, Rivershore Hotel, 1900 Clackamette Drive.
Hunt was one of the driving forces behind House Bill 3255, which stepped up non-lethal hazing of the sea lions below Willamette Falls on the Willamette River during the annual congregations of salmon and steelhead runs.
In attendance at the town hall will by representatives from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and federal NOAA Fisheries to collect your comments and answer your questions about the hazing program and the future of the efforts

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