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Hello Fukushima: US nukes face Sandy

Shutdowns, SCRAMS, steam leaks

At Oyster Creek, the nation's oldest, most decrepit and radioactive nuclear power plant:

"At 2044 EDT on 10/29/2012, the licensee escalated its emergency declaration to an Alert per criteria HA4 for high water level in the station intake structure of greater than 6.0 feet. At the time of the notification, water level in the intake structure was approximately 6.6 feet. The site also experienced a loss of offsite power event concurrent with the additional water level increase. Both emergency diesel generators started and are supplying power to the emergency electrical busses. Shutdown cooling and spent fuel pool cooling have been restored. Reactor pressure vessel level is steady at 584.7 inches. Intake levels continues to rise slowly and the licensee is monitoring."

....press reports indicate water still rising, could submerge relief pump for spent fuel pool; if that has happened, there i less than 25 hours to FUEL POOL BOIL and subsequent fuku-situation. Good luck East Coast.


Scram at Salem #1, "atmospheric steam dump," Hold your breath! Nine Mile Point #1 emergency automatic SCRAM shutdown, on diesel backup,