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7 Days

There is much to do
City Hall Protest
City Hall Protest
Elections Are Almost Here

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We are now into the time where one can predict some races and our local mayor's race seems to be out of reach of Jefferson Smith and Nolan may want to start looking for a job. Looks like 80 will be defeated but the corporations will have to kick in some more money to the state of Oregon.

I am a little sad that it looks like Jefferson Smith will not be in City Hall, he would be much more in tune to the needs of everyday people than Hales. I think we will have our hands full trying to get Charlie to listen to us and reform the Portland Police Department. I did not vote for either of them, I wrote in Scott Fernandez and was proud of that vote. My hope is that Charlie will be a pleasant surprise, kind of like Sen. Merkley. I did not vote for Merkley in the democratic primary but will vote for him next time around. Sen. Merkley is much better than the "wyden." The polls are showing that Commissioner Fritz will be returned for another 4 years of service. I will not be happy about this but did not vote for Mary Nolan who I think would be worse. My hope is that Amanda will begin to understand that if she just votes with the boys she will, sooner or later, be on the outside of city hall. She and Novick have a chance to work together and do some good stuff, I don't have much confidence in that, but it could happen if you who disagreed with me about Fritz will stay on her case and get her to understand she represents our interests and not her own. We shall see.

All in all not much will change unless people begin to understand that elections are not the end of the journey but the beginning and we must keep the pressure on. I have always criticized protests that go to city hall for one vote and move on; we must do better. After a tough election, like the one Amanda has/is going through, this is the time to meet with her and let her know that some of her votes on the council were wrong and you will not be there next time around to pull her out of the mess she created. Celebrate your victory but get back to work soon. There is a place for people who stood with Amanda, I am just not one of them. So, her successes or failures will be on those who say they are progressives but saw in her something that I did not. I have been pulling back on my activism for the last month or so and will continue to save my energy for those things that really piss me off, like JTTF, fluoridation of our water, secret meetings with lobbyists, etc etc. I will no longer attend protests that ask permission to exercise 1st Amendment Rights or are scheduled on the weekends. If there is direct confrontation I will be there if I can, I hate parades. Well, see you in the streets, not because I like it, because in a republic you must keep the pressure on politicians. As one of my heroes would say, "enjoy your Protest."

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Open Letter to adams and the cops 30.Oct.2012 21:08

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Dear Mayor Adams:

I am sending you this complaint because you are still the Police Commissioner. There are a number of signs around city hall that, in my opinion and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, are violations of the Federal Constitution, and we here in Oregon also rely on our beloved Oregon Constitution. I am requesting you order these signs removed. Please have one of your staff read the following cases and you should agree that you cannot pass a city ordinance to replace the above mentioned constitutions.


Start with Section 1----Natural Rights------"
8----Freedom of speech and press-
9----Unreasonable searches and seizures.

Officer Stuart Palmiter, #27244 has been on a rampage for the last few months stealing/confiscating items belonging to protesters outside City Hall, knowing that he has no legal right to act in this oppressive manner; he does it because he believes as stated to me on one occasion that "They" won't do anything to me. I will be there, (city hall) for the Thursday meeting concerning the agreement between you and DOJ. I wish that you let me know if any changes are in the works or I will take it as just another one of your reactions that says, "Screw Off."

The 9th Circuit decision that came down just recently reaffirms that you cannot continue doing what you and your police are doing:

 link to www.latimes.com

From a good friend of mine who is a lawyer:

Gathright v. City of Portland, 315 FSupp2d 1099 (2003), 74 FedAppx 810 (9th Cir
2003), and second appeal, 439 F3d 573 (9th Cir 2006), cert denied, 549 US 815, 127 SCt
76 (2006). Preacher sued City, whose police officers removed him from public property
upon complaints by sponsors of private events on City property (such as Pioneer
Courthouse Square and Tom McCall Waterfront Park). Ninth Circuit upheld lower court
decision that private events sponsors on City property cannot exclude persons based on
their speech or views. The Court later upheld permanent injunction issued by Judge
Ancer Haggerty, U.S. District Court, which ordered City to delete section of City Code
purporting to grant private permit holders the right to exclude persons from public property.
The City cannot "enable[] private citizens to exclude people from events in public forums
solely on the basis of the content of their speech."
Rohman v. City of Portland, 909 FSupp 767, 772 (1995). Judge Ancer Haggerty held
that Pioneer Courthouse Square of Portland, Inc., the operator Portland's Pioneer Square,
could not restrict preacher to "Free Speech Area" or exclude him from Pioneer Square
because the "venerable tradition of the park as public forum * * * [has] a very practical
side to it as well: parks provide a free forum for those who cannot afford newspaper
advertisements, television infomercials, or billboards."

Seems Appropriate
Seems Appropriate