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CAPR suspends support for Leah-Lynn Plante

The Committee Against Political Repression will be suspending support for Leah-Lynn Plante.
The Committee Against Political Repression will be suspending support for Leah-Lynn Plante.

Leah was released from prison on October 17 after appearing before the grand jury investigating anarchists. We do not know what was said at that hearing. In the time since her release, Leah has not offered details regarding the subjects of the hearing, her response, or about her release. CAPR is withdrawing support for Leah until we get information regarding her grand jury hearing.

Meanwhile, Matt Duran and Kteeo Olejnik remain in prison, steadfast in their refusal to aid the government in its persecution of anarchists. CAPR will continue to do everything we can to support them, and we urge everyone who wants a more free, equal, humane society to do the same.

1) Write to them or send them books
Katherine Olejnik #42592-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

2) Donate funds for legal and material support

3) Have a solidarity action in your community


. 30.Oct.2012 19:22


The problem is that this isn't just about Leah, it's about the people who may be put in harms way because of her cooperation. While the level of cooperation isn't clear at this point, the ambiguity is in large part due to Leah's refusal to answer any questions about her appearance before the grand jury or the conditions of her release. This could all be put to bed with a clear statement from Leah declaring her commitment to on going non-cooperation, however no such statement has been forthcoming. This isn't about some moral purity test, it's about protecting those comrades who face continued repression on behalf of the State, for example the person from Olympia subpoenaed just this past week, notably after Leah was released.

-------- 31.Oct.2012 20:46


Where as I find it in contrast to the ideals of collectivism to turn your back on your community in a time of fear, hysteria, uncertainty, I can't help but feel after reading her statements that if she hadn't been objectified this division either wouldn't exist or wouldn't have been so easily exoloitable. Mysoginists need to be reasoned with, rape apologists need to be outed, and honestly, maybe instead of a statement this person should meet with trusted members of your community behind closed doors with people who can help her through this. But until she makes a statement this isn't over, for her. And she deserves it to be over with.

And anyone who's memed this...go fuck yourself

Huh? 01.Nov.2012 00:10


Um, if she's cooperating, then why would she still need support? The fact that she's cooperating on some level seems to be accepted by everyone at this point. If that's the case, then she is no longer being targeted by the State, and no longer in need of support in terms of resisting State coercion. This whole thing is really terrible, but for god's sake, please don't let it turn into a forum for snitch apologists. Snitches destroy their own lives along with everyone who is left in their wake. It's a tragedy, but not one that should be justified in any way. Hopefully Leah has friends and family that can support her, because she shouldn't expect support from the wider anarchist community if she is in fact cooperating with destroying the lives of other anarchists. And she consider herself lucky that anarchists don't treat snitches the same way that other organized criminal syndicates do.

.......... 03.Nov.2012 09:03


Friends hold other friends accountable