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Support Maddy! Rally @ the Seattle Federal Courthouse Nov. 7th

Maddy Pfeiffer was served a subpoena in Olympia, WA last week.
Maddy Pfeiffer was served a subpoena in Olympia, WA last week. They will be resisting the grand jury and will not be testifying. Please come out and support them on Wednesday November 7th at 830AM! Their hearing is at 9AM. Please be there BEFORE 9AM so you can be there to support them BEFORE they go into the courthouse.

REMEMBER: It is likely they'll be taken into "custody" after their hearing.

Please bring anything you can to contribute: food, coffee, umbrellas, BANNERS, FLIERS, SIGNS, megaphones, etc.


For more info -> saynothing.info & nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com

If you want more info on grand juries in general check the "Resources" page of the Saynothing.info site.


Maddy's Statement regarding their subpeona and imminent imprisonment is as follows:

"On October 25th, the day before my 23rd birthday, two FBI agents wearing ill-fitting khakis and too much gel in their hair, served me a subpoena for 9am on November 7th. I knew my fate right away: 18 months in SeaTac Federal Detention Center. Matt, Kteeo and Leah have all been imprisoned for their refusal and I will be the next. Despite the urgings of lawyers, agents and judges, I only have one option: non-cooperation. Any other option is unthinkable.

I am being asked to testify before a Grand Jury on November 7th and will likely be detained on that date for refusing to cooperate. The vultures of the state will try to imprison my comrades and I until we give in. We will never give in.

From so many different perspectives, for so many reasons, snitching is never an option. I will never betray the people I care about, the ideas which I hold dear, or the commitments I have made. I will never give any information about crimes, should I have any knowledge of them nor will I give information about my personal relationships. I will never cooperate with this or any attempt to stop struggle. I will never cooperate with the systems of control which I loathe. If the federal government chooses to imprison me for my refusal then so be it. I expect no less from them.

The official reason the state gives for imprisoning those who refuse to cooperate is to coerce testimony. If they know anything about me or my friends they know that this will never work. Some have said that this Grand Jury is about trying to repress people's political opinions and free speech and no doubt this is true. My subpoena states that I am being asked to testify about events that took place on May 1st. The state is trying to use broken windows as a reason to ruin peoples lives. This is absurd and I will oppose it to the fullest. This life ruining system which they call "justice" is organized to defend property and capitalism. This system is against everything I believe in.

My imminent imprisonment is an attempt to disrupt struggle against domination in all its forms. What the vultures cannot understand is that attempts to repress this struggle will only embolden it, whether we are inside the walls of the Federal Detention Center or in the streets. The growing list of solidarity actions, from St. Louis to France, demonstrates an inspiring continuity in this regard.

In silence, we roar!
Matthew "Maddy" Pfeiffer