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A Ukrainian version of our own Mitt Romney has managed to hijack the revolution in Ukraine, while the leader of the revolution that broke ties with Russia remains in prison on a continuing hunger strike.Ukraine's elections conclude today.
Free Julia Tymoshenko!
By the time you read this, the ruling party in Ukraine will have maintained its hegemony with a plurality of 34% while former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko continues her hunger strike in protest of massive vote rigging. Tymoshenko remains in prison serving a 7 year term, denounced as selective justice by the US and the EU. Ukraine is the headquarters of FEMEN, their protests do not relent. "It is a good idea to be Tymoshenko" is the message of their recent action.

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just so the irony of the full version isn't lost - here it is
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...with FEMEN stuffing their bras with money while wearing the distinctive braids of Tymoshenko, the point being, they don't think she's any better than the tyrant who is consolidating his power over all branches of the Ukrainian government.
"FEMEN continues to assert that the government and the opposition only change places, competing with each other in cynicism and misanthropy"
sounds like home, back in the U S of A.

from our Facebook page:

Svitlana Tuchynska has written a wonderful review of 2 books with sharply contrasting views of Ukraine's former prime minister, Yuliya Tymoshenko. And it's in English. Just read the damn thing - all is explained as well as possible here -  link to www.kyivpost.com

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