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A Simpsons' animation works magic on Obama speech

This election is terrifyingly close, because Mitt Romney has lied his way this far—offering his made up fantasy world where we can have a bigger defense budget, tax cuts for the rich, a smaller deficit, two unicorns in every garage, and all with no pain for the middle class.
But President Obama actually has a real vision for the future. And it's both inspiring and grounded in reality, because that's the difference between running for president and being the president.

This awesome video by a 'Simpsons' animator is built on the inspiring words of Obama's economic vision. Share it with everyone you know, so that when they go to the polls, they have Obama's words in their hearts.

By involving and not distracting one another, we become people of hope. At least verbally, Obama recognizes separation of powers has been perverted by lobbyists, revolving doors and special interests. At least verbally, Obama recognizes the state has become an "errand boy" (Bill Moyers) for the banks while language, democracy and community are emptied by plutocracy.

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Free yourself from the two party system 29.Oct.2012 11:06


Move on needs to move on from the tired old idea that the Democratic Party offers any better option in this election. To all who support Obama, please tell me how you can do that in light of his actions. 1. NDAA. National Defense Authorization Act--allowing the president to arrest and detain without a trial anyone he so chooses. Obama had a choice to veto this terrible assault on our civil liberties, instead he signed it into law. 2. We are still in Afghanistan, where children and innocent civilians and US soldiers are still dying. 3. Guantanamo is still open and a young Pakistani man killed himself recently after waiting ten years for a trial, and seeing that he would never even be charged with any crimes, he took the only way out he could find. 4. Obama has been cracking down on medical marijuana clinics, after saying he would not go after marijuana users. 5. Obama has increased the use of drones, which have killed many many innocent people. 6. Wiretapping has increased under Obama. 7. Obama made a back room deal with big Pharma to keep generic drugs out of the Medicare system. 8. Obama has not used his justice department to prosecute any Wall Street criminals. I'm sure there are those who can add even more to this list. So all of you who still are going to vote for the "lesser of two evils"--which by the way the head of The Black Agenda Report states that Obama is not the lesser evil, he is "the more effective evil", consider these issues and explain your reasons for voting for someone who is not only not supporting the American people, he is actively working against them.

No drama o... 29.Oct.2012 14:57

my god

Nothing disgusts me more than liberal hypocricy. Have fun with the Keystone Oil Pipeline...Aren't you glad liberals actually protested something for once

Maybe if he leaves office he can pardon our friends in Federal prison, and Private Manning. That'll piss his masters off...