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Portland, Oregon Prepares for Pre-Election Anti-Austerity Protest

On November 3rd Portland community and labor groups will declare "enough is enough" by organizing a first for the U.S. a large demonstration against government austerity cuts.

The protest takes aim at the governmental policy of austerity where public deficits on a city, state, and federal level are being addressed by "cuts only" budgets, resulting in continued de-funding of education, health care, transportation, and other vital public services, combined with an attack on public sector workers. [...]

If the Portland protest is large enough, it will have succeeded in educating the community about the special interest, pro-corporate agenda behind the national and local austerity cuts, while also showing practical alternatives to austerity: making the rich and corporations pay for the crisis they created.

Ideally, the Portland demonstration will be the beginning of a working-class coalition of labor and community groups with the potential of growing into a powerful European-like movement capable defeating not only city and state austerity budgets, but working with other cities to change social policy on a national level.

The protest begins 1pm, at Portland's Holladay Park on November 3rd.

RELATED INFO:  http://www.solidarityagainstausterity.org/
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