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Calling All T.I.'s ...Please! Bomb DOD's Facebook Page

This is a Request that All Target Individuals involuntarily involved with U.S. Mind Control Programs, to Please Bomb the Department of Defense Facebook Page with Pleas of Relief from Continued Harassment by Electronic Countermeasures and EMF Weapons.
DOD Facebook Webpage Screenshot
DOD Facebook Webpage Screenshot
Here is My Response. To DOD Facebook Page.

Tracy Mapes Wrote: - OK Mother Fuckers! I've had it with your Lack of Enthusiasm as it Relates to Electronic Warfare Against U.S. Citizens.  http://edmundosreh.blogspot.com/ Here is another Account of a Targeted Individual which I find Accurate and Valid Through My Own Personal Experience. Pleas Visit his Site So You can Relate to the Experience of a Targeted Individual. Now, Let Me give You Some Background on My Person You Mother Fuckers. You May not have heard of Me During Your Stint in Iraq or Afghanistan? But I was the Mother Fucker "In The Closet" writing Papers on Defeating IED's in IRAQ. I Was the Mother Fucker that Told You to Take Off Your God Damned Glasses So that You Could Communicate with the God Damned Enemy. I'm the One That Told the God Damned Military to Distribute Electronic Counter Measures to IED's using Cellphone and Garage Box Frequencies. I am the Mother Fucker that Told the God Damned Military to Distribute Water Purification Systems During the Beginning of 'The Surge' to the Iraqi People so You Could Get Some God Damned Cooperation from the God Damned Iraqi People and turn the Whole God Damned War Around So You Asshole could Come Home. ....And Now I'm Asking for Your God Damned Help in this Matter. Get Off Your God Damned Asses Soldiers. This is Not the America You Fought For, and I Sure in Hell Am God Damned Pissed About It. Thank You. With Love Tracy Mapes, EMF TI USA, 7753 Ziebel Ct., Citrus Heights, Ca. Sorry No Phone or Resources. Take Care.
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Marquerite Weisser: Wrote - My family is loaded in the military application and cannot disconnect.I'm tortured by sadists that staying connected to my brain 24/7 and use BCAs to inflict an unbearable pain in the brain and on all internal organs. Most of these people are mentally ill (severely ill) and threatening to kill.I need to get reprogrammed and reinstated to be able to maintain a personal life.Harming effects of ELF waves can inflict irreversible brain damage, leaks in the blood/brain barrier, skin cancer, fetal tissue damage and heart attack. The attacked person should be immediately disconnected. Thank you.
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While not eloquent or cordial, I'm Hoping that my message Relays My Distress and Concern over this Matter.

Thank You and Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

homepage: homepage: http://7753 Ziebell Ct.
address: address: Citrus Heights, CA 95610