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UN Connected Agency To Monitor US Elections .. Man Throwing Away Dem Regist Arrested in VA

Myriad are the ways the Republican Party suppresses the vote...
through ownership of voting machine companies, throwing away Democratic registrations, intimidation at the polls, instituting virtual poll taxes by requiring voter ID which costs $25 etc.
UN Connected Agency To Monitor US Elections .. Man Throwing Away Dem Regist Arrested in VA

Thursday Oct 25th

Nathan Sproul who threw away Democratic registrations in 8 states in 2008 for the McCain campaign has been active again. Colin Small, Republican Party operative, was arrested after throwing away Democratic registrations in Virginia. He has operated in several areas there. In light of that Virginia should extend its voter registration time and notify all voters.
UN connected monitors will concentrate on Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas and Wisconsin,
states considered to have the most restrictive voting regulations.

In all 5 states, the Republican party has attempted to suppress the vote.

Over 81% of US alleged voting machines are controlled by 2 conservative or Republican companies: ESS of Nebraska and Dominion of Canada.

Colin Small, Republican Party employee in Richmond Virginia has been arrested for throwing away Democratic registrations.


Opednews and Moveon.org report
"A contractor for the Republican Party of Virginia was arrested on October 18, 2012, and accused of disposing of voter registration forms in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
The Virginia Attorney General has refused to investigate this situation, even though there are indications that this voter registration fraud may be more widespread. The firm which employed this contractor has worked for the Republican Party of Virginia in multiple locations, including Chesapeake City, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudon County, and Virginia Beach City.
Additionally, just last month the Republican Party of Virginia terminated its contract with Strategic Allied Consulting over allegations of voter registration fraud. However, news reports indicate the party continued to employ many of Strategic Allied's employees, one of whom has now been arrested."

Republicans have been barred by Court From Voter Intimidation, such as happened in 2000 with Jeb Bush police operatives in Florida and in 2002 with John Thune thugs in South Dakota intimidating South Dakota Native Americans.


Nathan Sproul in 2008 was hired by the McCain campaign. He threw away Democratic ballots in 8 states in a phony ostensibly nonbiased voter registration drive. He has also been at work in 2012.


Voting machine fraud along with Florida removal of hundreds of thousands from the voting rolls falsely, police intimidation at Florida polling sites,
the Jacksonville Times Union's conspiracy to give black readers wrong voting information in a special edition were some of many factors along with a Republican dominated Supreme Court for Bush's false win in 2000.

Voting machines disappeared from colleges, staff did not show up to open precinct voting, Warren, Ohio official election observers from the Democratic Party were locked out ad infinitum reported Robert F Kennedy Jr in a Rolling Stone
article entitled "What Happened In Ohio". Representative John Conyers' congressional investigation documented massive vote fraud by the Republican Party in 2008 in Ohio.

An article in the Opednews.com site delineates Romney primary fraud in 20 states. In Maine,
towns with heavy Ron Paul support recorded 0 votes.

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So What If... 25.Oct.2012 14:37

Proud Rape-Public-Again

... we steal another election? Who is going to do anything about it?