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livestream and others are at Alicas House - Solidarity Call Out Thursday AM 10.24.12

Alica Jacksons home is being pried away from her
The city is back at her doorstep ... with their "water issue"
Call out for Thursday -to- show solidarity with Alica
"Stand Up Fight Back"
PDX livestream footage started around 7AM Thursday morning 10/24/12 at Alica's house in N Portland


"I am broadcasting live at  http://ustre.am/GVjs come and check it out!"

People are there at her house to support her -posted at 7:30am

information from an email 26.Oct.2012 13:38


Due to recent events, Occupy the Banks has decided to move their Weekly Bank Action from downtown to the Wells Fargo on MLK (5730 NE MLK JR Blvd) from 3-6pm. T

hen afterwards head over to Alicia Jackson's house and show some solidarity support. Come out, hold a sign, hand out flyers and talk to the community about the importance of moving your money!! Word is there might be an #N3 flyering pizzy afterwards ;)