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VIDEO: Citizens Rally And Send Delegates To Ask Sheriff Staton To Stop The ICE Holds 10/22

On monday a crowd of over 70 protesters assembled at the Multnomah building in southeast Portland to rally and show Sheriff Daniel Staton that they are disappointed that he is honoring ICE (INS) holds on what is mostly latino detainees. A group of delegates entered the building and proceeded to Sheriff Statons' office to deliver a message. Inydmedia was exlusive in filming and photographing this amazing action which was a success!

StreetNews Report:

Local Portland activists held a large rally to stop the ICE immigration holds that are now enforced by not only Portland, but cities and states nationwide. This early rally was held at the Multnomah Building in southeast Portland, the hub of operations for the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and over 70 people were present with no presence of the mainstream media.

Video Link:

Sheriff Staton: Stop The ICE Holds - Rally
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