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Save Portland's Reservoirs (again)!


The Rally is sponsored by Friends of the Reservoirs and the Mt. Tabor

Neighborhood Association

Rain or shine, it's time to circle the reservoirs AGAIN! On Sunday, October 28th a demonstration will be held at Mt. Tabor's Lower Reservoir - SE 60th & Hawthorne - to demand a halt to plans by the city council for destroying or otherwise decommissioning the Mt Tabor and Washington Park Reservoirs, and effectively destroying the uniqueness of these parks.
Reservoir #6 - Mt Tabor Park (right above S.E. 60th)

Come and join The Friends of the Reservoirs and protest City plans to spend nearly half a billion dollars to replace the open storage reservoirs at Mt Tabor and Washington Parks with buried storage or relocated enclosed storage.

Take your place around one of Portland's oldest historic landmarks, clasp your neighbor's hands, and for one hour let the City Council and Water Bureau know they must make an effort to preserve them and their functionality.

Safe, secure and affordable drinking water is possible for all the citizens of Portland - without this project.

New York City and Rochester, New York have shown us that "where there is a will there is a way." Portland can preserve our grand open reservoir system. These reservoirs have reliably served us
wonderful, healthy Bull Run drinking water for over 115 years.

They were recently upgraded at a cost of $40 million - yet most on City Council are now prepared to destroy their functionality while charging ratepayers hundreds of millions to rebuild enclosed storage.

➢ Bring your family, friends and neighbors.
➢ Bring beautiful signs and banners.
➢ We'll invite those running for Portland City Council.
➢ We'll invite the media.
➢ Let's tell the Portland City Council to stop the waste of $80 million on the Kelly Butte project which will bury water now stored at Mt. Tabor.

Please post to your facebook page!

homepage: homepage: http://friendsofreservoirs.org
phone: phone: 503 774-7521