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Freddie My Black Walnut Tree Fights City Hall

Even accused murders get a appeal. Evidence must be presented. The city of Denver has decieded that Freddie my Black Walnut Tree is to die. His guilt has not been proven and he is accused of TCD Thousand Cankers Disease, the city has so far failed to produce proof. We are protesting. Help us.
OCtober 17 2012 I am Caroline and Freddie is my Black Walnut tree. We have been together for 30 years now.

Last Thursday Denver County marched into our lives with a letter of death. Death for Freddie.

They said he was sick with TCD Thousand Canker Disease. They said Freddie would be cut down in less than 10 days and that they would send Caroline the bill........their chosen contractors. If she did not pay it they would put a lien on her property.

We asked them to prove by their records that he was diseased.........we told them the truth that only a lab test can conclusively prove that Freddie is sick. Ned Tisserat of Colorado State discovered the disease and in his online articles he advises that only lab work can prove this disease and other simple conditions can cause it.


We called the mayor and every department we could think of...... we have a stay of execution from Denver Parks and Recreation but it wont last long..........

Walnut wood is valuable, and the city wants money. Is this a scam........prove to me that Freddie is sick. He looks fine to me, no dead or dying limbs, gorgeous fall colors now, beautiful beautiful tree. I was told by an arboreal city inspector that hundreds of letters were sent out......so all the trees got sick at once???? hUNDREDS OF BLACK WALNUT TREES ARE TO BE EXECUTED AND THROWN INTO THE CHIPPER.

I want to live says Freddie, but the days are shorter and its scary for him to think of the chipper......

we need a lawyer, we need friends who understand, we need media support for our cause, which is to save Freddie's life.

We sent you 2 pics.......

Government get out of our lives........

love us, we love you, help us any way you can, HELP ALL OF DENVER'S BLACK WALNUT TRESS THAT HAVE BEEN SENTENCED TO DEATH WITHOUT A TRIAL AND NO PROOF send this article to anyone who loves trees and ask them to email the

LANCE@THEDENVERCHANNEL (Our news contact person)
Caroline Billick
Denver Co 80219

phone: phone: 720-322-6880