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9.11 investigation

Questions about 9-11

Sorry, I have really tried to drink the kool-ade. But there are still too many things about the events called 9-11 that just don't add up.

Here are some of the issues I still have:
Why do demolition experts continue to spend weeks planting and positioning cutting charges, and setting them off in a precisely timed manner, when the building collapses of 9-11 obviously prove that burning jet fuel works just as well in less than an hour? If the official story is true, just set fire to some kerosene, and within an hour, the whole thing will collapse in a uniform manner directly into its' own footprint with minimal collateral damage. I don't think jet fuel burns hot enough to do that. It burns at a lower temperature than charcoal, which is why we use starter fluid (essentially the same as jet fuel) to light up our grills. But strangely, the barbecue grill doesn't collapse or incinerate into ashes, try it and see. So what really caused the buildings to collapse on 9-11?

How is it that BBC reporters were announcing the collapse of WTC #7 as it still stood in the background? Then, about a half hour later, that building did collapse. How did they know it would happen before it did?

Why did FEMA deploy to New York City on the night before the attacks (9-10), with instructions to be ready for action Tuesday (9-11) morning? They were allegedly there to drill for a potential future emergency involving attacks on Manhattan and multiple trauma cases. It turned out to be mighty lucky they were there, even if it was simply by accident. Or was it?

Why did President Bush on 9-11, after the attacks, order private jets to evacuate the entire Bin Laden Family from the United States without investigation? Why was his dad meeting with Salem Bin Laden at the very time the attacks were occurring? According to Bush Sr., they were just talking business: Pipelines, oil, investments, that sort of thing. The fact that the attacks happened on the day they were meeting in a private conference was said to be merely a coincidence.

Why didn't our fighter planes get into the air to intercept the attacking planes? There were 40 minutes after the first strike, during which our government knew we were under attack, knew that multiple planes had been hijacked, and knew where these planes were and what directions they were heading. The attacks occurred in the most heavily defended part of America, with hundreds of fighter planes available from dozens of bases. So why did we not get even one plane into the air?

How is it that we were conducting military drills and exercises on 9-11? Under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney, there were actually two terror attacks on 9-11, one real and one a simulated attack called Operation Vigilant Guardian. Both of them involved multiple hijacked airliners attacking both Washington and New York. Both happened on 9-11 during the exact same time frame. According to the Dept. of Defense the fact that they coincided was simply a fluke.

Why is it that there are no pictures or video of the plane that hit the Pentagon? I've been to the Pentagon, and it is probably the most tricked-out place on Earth with cameras. There are video and still cameras sitting on every light post. The entire grounds, prior to 9-11, were literally covered with motion sensors, cameras, infrared, and the most sophisticated security and surveillance technology available on this planet. I doubt that a sparrow could fly across the property without incurring thousands of images of himself. And yet, we have not one single photo of an airplane at the Pentagon. That is impossible. Somehow, according to the Pentagon, the strike occurred during those tiny milliseconds that occur between the frames of numerous simultaneous cameras.

What about the stock sales before 9-11 that sold United and American stock short? Volume was reportedly 2,000 times normal. We were told by the President that people made money off the attacks. Later we were told that these investors had done so anonymously, and could not be traced. This is impossible. How do you buy and sell stocks anonymously?

What about the calls made from the planes? Even the FBI now says the high-altitude cell calls never happened. The claim by former Bush lawyer Ted Olson that his wife called him twice from her cell phone is false. Technology at the time made it impossible. Later, after a 2006 story I wrote about the cell phones, the FBI changed their official story, saying that there were no cellular calls made from Flight 77, that the calls made came from passenger-seat phones aboard the flight. Unfortunately, none of the 757s in American Airlines fleet in 2001 were equipped with passenger phones, including Flight 77! American Airlines official statement said "There are no passenger phones on our 757s. The passengers on flight 77 used their own personal cellular phones."

Where did the hijackers come from? When a plane gets ready to take off, there are two lists that are strictly documented: Passengers and Crew. There is no third list, no shadowy figures lurking around the plane. You cannot "sneak" a crew of 4-5 Arabic guys onto a plane. Yet none of the hijackers are among those listed as passengers or crew. Every passenger and crew member has been accounted for on all 4 flights, and none of them is an alias for any of the accused hijackers. So how did these fellows materialize out of thin air at 30,000 feet?

Why didn't the Pentagon know a plane was coming? Pentagon officials claimed they had no warning of an approaching aircraft. In fact, a military E-4B, the Air Force's most advanced communications, command, and control airplane, was flying nearby over the White House at the time. The Pentagon is the most guarded structure in the world, complete with advanced radar and surface-to-air missiles, able to intercept and destroy any approaching threat.

Why didn't the Secret Service protect the President? Without explanation, the Secret Service let George W. Bush remain at a Sarasota, FL school for 30 minutes after learning the second tower was struck, ignoring standard procedures to immediately secure his safety in any suspected attack against the United States. Why did they not follow their most basic fundamental orders?

Why did the FAA disarm pilots just before 9-11? The FAA issued an order that banned pilots from carrying pistols just 2 months before 9-11. Prior to that, many pilots carried pistols.

How did Rummy know ahead of time? Donald Rumsfeld, one hour before the attacks started, told a delegation of congressmen that "there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong, healthy Defense Department " How did he know?

More questions: Why was an Israeli-owned company allowed 72 hours of unlimited and unsupervised access to the WTC properties the weekend before the attacks, allegedly to install fiberoptic cables? Why were unusual white vans seen arriving at the WTC at 3 am and leaving at 7 am every night for 4 nights before 9-11? Why, just days before 9-11, did they get rid of the bomb-sniffing dogs who had patrolled the WTC since the 1993 attack?

We have been lied to. We will probably never know the truth. Lest the thousands of dead, including our troops, be dead in vain, there needs to be a new 9-11 Commission, and the questions above (and many others) need to be addressed.


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thank you 17.Oct.2012 20:53

truth warrior

here is another useful resource.


@truth warrior 18.Oct.2012 06:08

theresa mitchell

Yes, the buildings did fall at near free-fall speeds, and the site you listed does not "debunk" but rather obfuscates. Newton himself asserted f=ma, and nothing that can be said will ever "debunk" that. We need to face the fact that 9/11 was a stunt that succeeded in implementing fascist imperialism.

But the lie will fall as did the buildings, and American fascism will end.

History. 18.Oct.2012 10:36


History rolls forwards. . .


Osama bin Laden was a CIA puppet and Al Qaeda are CIA/NATO mercenaries. 25.Feb.2013 12:47

Al Qaeda is CIA

Osama bin Laden was an agent and a puppet of the CIA. Osama bin Laden died
in Afghanistan during the winter of 2001-2, and the posthumous videos and
audios attributed to Osama bin Laden are forgeries produced by the CIA.
The Abbottabad raid by the US Navy Seals was a hoax.

Al Qaeda is a group of international mercenaries who are organized,
funded, and directed by the CIA and NATO to conduct assassinations, false-
flag attacks, and phoney insurgencies or "revolutions" in an effort to
destabilize nations and overthrow governments that are targeted by the CIA
and NATO. Al Qaeda mercenaries have served NATO and the CIA in the Balkans
(Kosovo, etceteras), against Gaddafi in Libya, and now against Assad in

In the aftermath of the CIA-supported "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia,
that country has become a staging ground for the NAT0/CIA-led mercenaries;
recently 132 NAT0/CIA mercenaries carrying Tunisian passports or
identifications were killed in Syria.


The African Embassy Bombings; the USS Cole bombing; the 9/11 attacks on
the WTC and the Pentagon; the Bali, Madrid, and London 7/7 bombings; and
the Mumbai 2008 attack were all perpetrated by the CIA, in collusion with
its agents and its allies. Since 9/11/2001, the FBI in the USA and the MI5
and MI6 in the UK have provocateured many "terrorist plots" which
exploited naive and incompetent Moslem youths as patsies. The "War on
Terrorism" is actually a US/NATO/Israeli war of aggression for dominance
and control of the resource-rich Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.