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Excluding candidates from debates ... there ought to be a law ...

This makes me angry. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested outside after attempted to enter debate grounds. I think if a debate is broadcast on public airwaves they ought to include all the candidates on the ticket.
Ever since Ross Perot seriously rocked the boat and actually changed what Americans were talking about (things more relevant to everyday people's lives, like NAFTA which ended up costing countless American jobs) third party candidates have totally lost their voice in the corporate-run American national "dialogue" (of course it's not a dialogue because it's just a one-way street. Paid pundits tell Americans what they're thinking about and how to think about it). There ought to be a law saying that if a candidate is on a state ballot they should have the right to a place on any presidential debate aired on public airwaves in that state. What do you all think???

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