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VIDEO: Another Portland Resident Faces Eviction From Her Home By Mortgage Brokers 10/14

Yesterday over four dozen community supporters led by Portland Solidarity Network activists advanced upon a house owned by Patricia Williams and her husband to bring attention to another case of banks trying to evict homeowners and pocket revenue.

StreetNews Report:

On Sunday a surprise solidarity event took place in southeast Portland. Yet one more desparate family came forward to the community with their story of being wrongly evicted from their home. Portland Solidarity Network, Occupy Portland members, and community neighbors met with upstanding citizens Patricia Williams and her husband at Raymond City Park to hear her story and bring some support. She addressed the crowd of 50+ people and told them of how she has been ordered to evict by a judge in favor of her mortgage brokerage firm. Williams and her husband have lived in their home for some time, paying off eight years in good faith on their mortgage and they believe the eviction is unfair. Dealing with sickness and financial problems, the couple say they are staying right where they are. Supporters signed a large banner and a neighbor gave a great speech, saying that the couple is well respected within the community where they live. Just like Alicia Jackson and Annette Steele, this woman and her family will not be moved.

Video Link:

Patricia Williams Will Not Be Moved!

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Great job, folks! 17.Oct.2012 15:19

Jody Paulson

Once again, Portland shows the rest of the country how it's done!!!