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Video: Portland Fluoride Referendum a Success!

On October 11, 2012, Clean Water Portland turned in 43,236 signatures to Portland City Hall, more than twice the required number and one day early. The referendum campaign was a response to Portland City Council pushing through an ordinance mandating the fluoridation of the pristine Bull Run water.

Portland Fluoride Referendum a Success!

Several boxes of signatures were triumphantly carried in to City Hall by the three Chief Petitioners, Clean Water Portland Executive Director Kim Kaminski, Frances Quaempts-Miller and Malgosia Cegielskik,PhD. Following turning in the signatures, each of the three Chief Petitioners spoke briefly to the press gathering.

Kim thanked all who participated in the successful effort and upbraided City Hall for their back door dealings which led to their approving water fluoridation without broad public participation.
"These are public servants, and it's their job to serve the public, not special interests, not do this behind closed doors......we don't want any more chemicals in our water."

Frances also thanked all those who contributed to the monumental effort that many said was an impossible task. She stressed the point, "not one of us got any money from any big corporations, not a single one of us took any money to do this work."
"What we care about are direct, real solutions to dental issues. We don't want to throw chemicals into the water and call it done....we want clean water; we want democracy and we will fight to get it."

Malgosia, a psychologist and a child psychologist, spoke last, emphasizing the toxicity that fluoride "contributes to children's brains that are already way over loaded with neurotoxins, and can't think, and can't learn, and can't pay attention."

Homepage: http://www.cleanwaterportland.org/
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