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Multiple Bank Windows Smashed On Hawthorne Blvd

Any info on what happened yesterday ? Are we on the verge of Revolution? How will actions of this sort affect S.E.Portland's ability to respond effectively with The Coming Peak Oil Crisis ? Does this support sustainability ?
Was this a coincidence that multiple bank windows were broken at the same approximate time? Or was this a carefully planned & executed "hit ", perhaps orchestrated by the same shadowy group or groups that attacked the U.S.embassy in Libya recently ? If you followed that story, the embassy was initially said to have been attacked by an angry mob, spontaneously enraged about an anti Muslim film .Many days later , the Obama Adm.revealed that it was a carefully coordinated Al Queda assault,,planned long before news of film broke.

speculating 12.Oct.2012 18:37


um.. someone said it was related to the imprisonment of Leah-Lynn Plante after her refusal to testify about her acquaintances at a 3rd grand jury summons - on Thursday. I definitely hadn't heard of anything being organized recently. If this was related (which isnt' confirmed at all), I think it had to be arranged through a local phone bank rather than any announcement.

 link to www.greenisthenewred.com

indymedia brings out all the nutterd to the yard 12.Oct.2012 18:41


Nope it's not some grand conspiracy, just some anarchists showing solidarity with imprisoned comrades.


Those who can't do - break windows 12.Oct.2012 23:17


Bank profits are up. Direct action from the lazy and uneducated will make no difference. Those caught will have to go through the legal system and the they'll be called political prisoners. Vandalism is something you grow out of after you get older. Watching your handy work on the 11 o'clock news will get boring after a while. Oh well, solidarity!

WTF? 12.Oct.2012 23:50


Why'd you skip over the BofA? Those bastards hold a special place of hatred in my heart. Wish I knew about this beforehand, they wouldn't have been spared. Anyway, good work folks - 4/5 ain't bad!

Try again. 13.Oct.2012 01:08



not necessarily connected 12.Oct.2012 19:07


Russia apparently cares, even if this hasn't been reported in local press: