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Single Payer Health Insurance Is Better Than Private Health Insurance

If republican and undecided voters would at least read, listen and investigate what single payer health insurance is about they might like it.
As far as I can tell most republican and maybe some undecided voters scream and yell that they don't like government run single payer health insurance. They seem to say "I don't want a government run socialist state rationing health insurance telling me if I can get treated or not". What republicans seem to ignore is that we already have rationed care and its called private health insurance. By the way have you or anybody in your family, friends or coworkers ever read or hear about a republican in the congress ( the congress in Washington D.C. ) propose a bill or law dealing with health insurance that has consumer protections?
The very, very, very, best solution is single payer health insurance and you can find out more at the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) where they have lots of news stories about single payer health insurance. This non-profit ( Single Payer Action ) does accept money. I wonder why if ( Single Payer Action ) does accept money then why don't they ever run an add on television or in the newspapers. Maybe Jack Benny is running their board of directors with an iron hand. At the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) you will find that they want to have a government run health insurance with NO CO-PAYS, DEDUCTIBLES, OR BILLS. What a great idea and great deal!!
Other good things about single payer health insurance which consumers should enjoy are that nobody has their insurance rescinded, there are no lifetime or yearly caps on your benefits and nobody is denied care because of pre-existing conditions. Why do the republicans in congress want to deny us these consumer protections?