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Signature Petitions Due Now!

Now IS the time! Please bring any and all referendum signatures sheets to Clean Water Portland's office ASAP so we can finish preparing them for submission.
At the latest, please bring them to our office (408 SE 6th Ave) by 6pm on Wed. Oct. 10th!
City Hall Rally This Thur. at 2:30 pm sharp- Help give City Hall our Petitions!

Are we going to do what so many said was impossible? You bet! AND because of your overwhelming response Clean Water Portland is proud to announce we are turning in the referendum signatures THIS THURSDAY a day before the final deadline! While this buys us a day of safety to account for the unexpected - submitting our signatures a day early also sends a message about just how strongly Portlanders feel about protecting our drinking water from fluoridation chemicals.

Come to the Signature Turn-In Rally and Press Conference this Thursday - 2:30 pm @ Portland City Hall! You helped collect tens of thousands of signatures. Join us as we take them to Portland City Hall for submission! This will be fun and you'll be the first to hear the final signature count.

Celebrate Thursday night @ 6:30 pm with Clean Water Portland! An effort like this deserves a good party, so come join us at the Clean Water Portland headquarters (404 SE Sixth Ave.) for donated fluoride-free beer and light snacks.

Finally- Please keep those petition sheets coming! Its also never too late to make a donation to help us keep a full professional signature gathering crew on the streets til the last minute! Visit cleanwaterportland.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.cleanwaterportland.org