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Co-op Activist Targeted for Anti-Racist Advocacy

"On the early morning of October 6th, a rock was thrown through the home window of a worker at the Red & Black Café who is active in co-op circles. Writing on the rock read: "RCA [Rose City Antifascists] fuck off". While the person targeted is not a member of Rose City Antifascists, the attack on the home was clearly designed to send a message of intimidation to broader anti-racist circles. Anti-racists in Portland will not step back any of their efforts as a result of the home vandalism."
Rose City Antifa does nothing but good work. Please check their website.


"Percieved oppression???" 08.Oct.2012 13:08


How is a rock laden with a clear threat thrown through a window "perceived?"

It seems clearly identifiable to me.

So, that's the metric? 08.Oct.2012 13:16


The Republican party does nothing but good work. Please check their website:


My point being, that kind of self-referential verification is useless.

RCA has come across as bullies with an agenda based, in part, on spurious and grasping reasoning.

..... 09.Oct.2012 17:02


Thank you for stealing my point? No person, or political grouping for that matter outide of Pope antifa the infalliable has the balls to say something like that. And anarchists pull questionable shit like this too. It could be a clewr provokation, but it sounds like a gesture of impotent rage. Was there stalking involved, yes. But if you treat this as a clear provokation to violence than...where's vegan bike moma at? Care to elaborate on how the use of casual violence does nothing to solve a dispute where the moral character of either side is in dispute and both people feel they're morally vindicated in their actions, or would you like to ask yourself why I came home to comment here?

Has anyone thought to have a sit down with these people. A middle man maybe?

Calvert claiming persecution for Palestinian activism 17.Oct.2012 08:29


From Bike's Portland:

A Friend October 15, 2012 at 4:34 pm

I realize that this post comes late in the discussion but I am not an aggressive internet user. I believe that the attacks against me by rose city antifa are not, in fact, related to my participation in the 9-11 group and the occasional speakers I have been associated with, but instead, due to to my pro-Palestinian activism, and criticism of Israel. The vehemence and underhandedness with which this anonymous group attacks me looks very similar to the standard Hasbara (Israeli propagandist) smear of anyone critical of Israel.

Since the death of Rachael Corrie in 2003 and then the savage attack on the refugees in Gaza in 2009 I have been a visible vocal critic of the Israeli state and the lobby which protects it here in the United States. Thus I join the ranks of other critics of Israel in having my name smeared publicly and my career threatened. My politics have been represented by the three buttons I have worn pretty continuously since 2009. "We are all Palestinians" "Islam is not our Enemy" and "Peace with Iran". I have been actively involved in Solidarity with the Iraqi refugee community that now resides in Portland. These are the things I believe in.

This aggressive attempt to peg me to all sorts of noxious "beliefs" is pretty standard practice in Hasbara technique. Below is the response I sent to the bike cooperative with links further explaining the sort of political milieu that Palestinian Solidarity Activists must navigate. To rose city antifa I would like to suggest that rather than dividing, demoralizing and attacking peace and justice workers, they propose positive campaigns that would unite our positions. I would suggest that they employ their aggressive techniques to helping the people of Portland mount a material aid caravan to the people of Gaza.

Finally I would like to say that I feel personally threatened, it is clear that the rose city antifa is a prototype of a black-op militia that could escalate to violence at any moment. Their targeting of me and Citybikes suggests that collateral damage is of no concern to them in their quest of ideological hegemony. My future is uncertain as of now, but I would like to appeal to my colleagues in the peace and justice community for solidarity and support.

Tim Calvert.

Here is the announcement for the potluck for which I am being attacked.

Tired of Propaganda?

Feel smothered by people parroting lies?Well this potluck is for you!

Bring food you like to eat and beverages you like to drink to share with others! A Bullshit Free zone will exist around area G. People who talk about the 9-11 false flag, Portland's water system and why we must stop the poisoning of the water via fluoride, Palestine and how we are all Palestinians, peace, justice and anything else; will be there.

There will be an extra interesting participant, Fritz Springmeir, at the potluck. Find out about him come and ask a question.

Letter to the Cooperative


Dear fellow cooperators.

I am sorry that once again my political activity has drawn the coop into the spot light. The accusations against me are politically motivated and false. I have been a lifelong activist for peace and justice and "hate" no one.

It is obvious from the latest round of attacks that even holding a potluck at a park is too much political activity for my oppressors. It is also painfully clear that I am under heavy surveillance from people who aim to do me harm.

Therefore I am publically announcing my resignation and distancing myself from the 9-11 truth group and will no longer organize any events associated with them. I do this because I want to protect Citybikes from defamation and because the 9-11 group has been effectively suppressed in Portland.

There is, of course, a lot more to say. I will bring information to the meeting on Monday to share that further elaborates my position and affirms my struggle for human rights for all. When I helped co-found Citybikes Worker Owned Cooperative 23 years ago, one of my motivations was to create a business that protected the rights of the owners/workers to organize politically without the fear of reprisal. I hope this dream of people cooperating for a better world, with dignity and freedom of thought, and speech and association is not just a pipe dream.

In Solidarity, Tim Calvert

Here is my further account:

Further responses and proposals about the current slander attack

From tlc 9/20/2012

I would like to say that this slanderous attack is underhanded and a real disservice to the Portland community. I have stood for 30 plus years as an advocate for the oppressed insisting on respectful communication and actions with my fellow citizens, customers, and co-workers. I would hope that the direct communication and interactions that I have had with my co-workers carries a little more weight than the slanderously spun accusations and lies directed at me.

Below are a series of links to relevant information that shed light on why Palestinian solidarity activists are especially targeted for punishment.

Finally, this group is trying to suppress my human and civil rights. I have done nothing illegal or un-ethical. I have the right to the freedom of thought, speech, and association. These are human rights protected by the First amendment and by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Citybikes should put forward our support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a document that represents our values. I would also propose that Citybikes contact a lawyer to brief us on our rights and responsibilities in this circumstance.

(there's more ...go to site to read)


It sounds like cynical self-serving crap, but at least Calvert's on record as resigning from the conspiracy org, making him one step ahead of "Joe Anybody":

"Therefore I am publically announcing my resignation and distancing myself from the 9-11 truth group and will no longer organize any events associated with them. I do this because I want to protect Citybikes from defamation and because the 9-11 group has been effectively suppressed in Portland."

When Does the Rose City Antifa Deny Throwing Rocks? 30.Nov.2012 09:08

Tom Sawyer

Question: When does the Rose City Antifa deny throwing rocks and breaking windows?

Answer: When the Rose City Antifa wants to blame someone else for throwing rocks and breaking windows.

Most likely the Antifa threw that rock. 21.Feb.2013 08:54


Most likely the Antifa threw that rock. That's their style.

The Rose City Antifa and ARA threaten Portland with vigilante violence 19.Mar.2013 08:46

Antifas are Fascists

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, both threaten vigilante-style violence, and both the Rose City Antifa and Anti-Racist Action express their contempt for the Rule of Law.

"We don't believe in waiting for the police to handle the fascists and racists, either. We know their job is to protect and serve us with harassment, beatings and arrests. We know that institutions like the police and prisons can never be "fixed" or "reformed" if their function is to maintain a racist and homophobic power structure. We believe that we need a dedicated and large force of militant antifascists with great intelligence, analysis, and dedication to crushing emerging extreme Right and fascist movements." - Rose City Antifa website.

"If you can get away it [sic], carry weapons, or if there's a chance you might get searched by cops, carry items that can be used as weapons in a pinch (hefty flagpoles, thick placard sticks, batteries, maglights, bike locks).... And don't forget your masks—nothing makes the fascists tremble like a group of black-clad, balaclava-wearing Antifa bearing down on them." - Anti-Racist Action website.

"On May 19, 2012, up to 20 people wearing masks and black clothes entered the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park (a suburb of Chicago) and used bats and hammers to beat patrons who were attending the fifth annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. Five members of Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, which is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network, were subsequently charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

"On April 15, 2011, ARA members confronted the National Socialist Movement's annual conference in Pemberton, New Jersey. A melee ensued with reports indicating that four members of the NSM being hospitalized and the conference being shut down." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, are violent extremists who want to replace the Rule of Law with Mob Rule under the Diktat of the anonymous Antifa and Anti-Racist Action thugs and their anonymous leaders.

August 16, 2009 - Someone (probably a member of the Rose City Antifa) spray-painted a Swastika and wrote "Tim is a Nazi" on the Citybikes shop in Southeast Portland.

November 14, 2011 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the Umpqua Bank at NE 18th and Alberta in Portland.

Feb 6, 2012 - Antifa members smashed shop windows, including the Genoa Restaurant, and "tagged" (spray-painted) or broke windows of random cars throughout the Buckman neighborhood between Southeast Hawthorne and Stark Streets in Portland.

Feb 28, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the U.S. Bank branch near the intersection of Southeast Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard and Main Street in Portland.

Feb 29, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at a Key Bank branch and a Starbucks coffee shop at the intersection of Northeast Broadway and 39th Avenue in Portland.

April 24, 2012 - Antifa members smashed nearly a dozen windows, some of them stained glass, at the historic Mars Hill church on Southeast 32nd in Portland.

April 24, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the US Bank at 1225 Southeast 32nd in Portland.

July 25, 2012 - The FBI arrested four Portland Anarchists for their alleged participation in the May 1st, 2012 Seattle riot.

October 11, 2012 - Antifa members smashed windows at four banks in Southeast Portland, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and
rocks through windows at a Chase Bank and a U.S. Bank. A Walgreens window was also smashed. Portland Anarchist websites announced that their October 11, 2012 riot was in retaliation for Grand Jury proceedings against the four Portland Anarchists who were arrested by the FBI on July 25, 2012.

November 5, 2012 - Antifa member Sergey Yefimobich Turzhanskiy, 24, was arrested just after police said he threw a fire bomb at an unoccupied police cruiser parked in the North Precinct parking lot in the 400 block of NE Emerson Street in Portland.

The members of the Rose City Antifa, who have frequently vandalized banks, shops, restaurants, and cars throughout Portland, and who despise the Police and the Rule of Law, claim to be the protectors of justice in the community. In truth, the Rose City Antifa have a history of vandalism and violent threats against the law-abiding citizens of the community. No one should support the Rose City Antifa or their smear campaigns and mob violence.