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ABSOLUTE Free Speech Is The Only Free Speech!

This concept will seem outrageously peculiar to most everyone at first glance. But for one moment imagine such a world.
If we truly have free speech, then we should not ever pay one single penny for a newspaper, or to receive cable TV, or to view a motion picture, ever. Audiences should only be charged for the paper and ink, the cable maintenance, theater maintenance, etc. No one should be allowed to pay out money in exchange for "intellectual or entertainment content."

Media could accept advertisements from product and service sellers, politicians, etc., but they would not be allowed to charge anything for doing so.

Suddenly all speech would become exposed for what it truly is! And then we would all suddenly realize that it is all pure propaganda. We would all suddenly know what was behind the velvet curtain. No more campaign contributions. Truly free speech at last.

Think about it.