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90% vote in Chavez wins 54%

Bolivarian revolution
Chavez wins 54.4% more than 1,400,000 votes than Capriles who had 44.9%

Update 08.Oct.2012 05:26

Cort Greene

Caracas, October 8 - With data updated by the National Electoral Council
(CNE) extending the advantage of Hugo Chavez in the counting of votes cast
by the voters during the presidential elections on October 7.

*With 94.19% of records processed, Chavez obtained 7,860,982 votes,
equivalent to 54.84%. While Capriles reaches 6,386,155 votes, representing

*This from a total of 14,610,768 votes counted, of which 14,333,620 are
valid and invalid 277,148, according to consultation made **​​www.cne.gob.ve
* < http://www.cne.gob.ve/>* at 3:00 am on Monday*

The first bulletin, hosted by the president of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena, a
few minutes after 10:00 pm on Sunday, Chavez revealed that Capriles reached
54.42% and 44.97%.

This is the Venezuelan presidential election with the highest participation
in the history of democracy. The 80.9% of eligible voters went to the polls.

According to the updated results, Chavez has won in 21 states and the
capital district, while only Capriles has won victories in Merida and

Chavez Wins Venezuelan Presidential Election with 54% of the Vote [Updated]
Oct 7th 2012, by Ewan Robertson

Hugo Chavez celebrated his election triumph with a mass crowd of supporters from the presidential palace's "Balcony of the People" in Caracas (Miguel Angulo)

Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski recognised his election defeat (Miguel Gutiérrez / EFE)

Chavez supporters celebrated the result outside the presidential palance, Miraflores (CdO)
Mérida, 7th October 2012 (Venezuelanalysis.com) - Hugo Chavez has won the Venezuelan presidential election with 54.42% of the vote against 44.97% for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski. Chavez has made his victory speech, while Capriles has recognised his defeat.

The "first bulletin" results were announced by the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, at around 10pm Venezuelan time, with 90% of the votes totaled, enough to give Chavez an irreversible victory.

The CNE president said, "Once again we've had a calm electoral process, without problems, with the joy of this people who decided to vote massively today".

A spontaneous street party immediately kicked off in the centre of the Andean city of Merida, and a massive crowd of Chavez supporters began celebrating in front of the presidential palace, Miraflores, in Caracas.

"Venezuela will never return to neoliberalism and will continue in the transition to socialism of the 21st century," Chavez declared to supporters from the "People's Balcony" of the presidential palace, after his victory was confirmed.

"I want make a recognition to the whole Venezuelan people, the whole Venezuelan nation. Today the country of (Simon) Bolivar was reborn," added the socialist president, while congratulating the country "for a civic and democratic day".

The re-elected Venezuelan president also congratulated the Venezuelan opposition for recognising the CNE's result, saying "they've recognised the truth, they've recognised the victory of the people".

Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles, who was the candidate for the opposition Roundtable of Democratic Unity Coalition (MUD), recognised his defeat, stating to supporters "to know how to win, you need to know how to lose!"

He added, "We began the construction of a path and on it there are more than six million people who are looking for a better future... I'm convinced that this country can be better and I'm convinced that Venezuela is going to be better".

Chavez received a total of 7,444,082 votes to 6,151,154 for his right-wing rival. He will govern for the 2013 - 2019 presidential term, his third constitutional term in office under the 1999 National Constitution.

Turnout was one the highest in Venezuela's history, with 80.94% of the 19,119,809 registered voters in Venezuela participating in the election.

Venezuelanalysis.com had journalists on the ground for the grassroots celebrations of Chavez's victory in Merida and Caracas, and will provide more reportage, images and videos on the reactions to tonight's historic presidential election result soon.

This article was updated at 01.00am Venezuelan time, 8th October 2012.


Source URL (retrieved on 08/10/2012 - 7:46am):  http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/7331