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Video: Youth Ending Slavery "Walk to End Slavery" speeches - march Portland 10-6-12

Walk to End Slavery is a youth organized group from St Marys High School. These high school girls have organized YES (Youth Ending Slavery) and a march with speeches that is bringing awareness and educating our community by publicly exposing the human slavery, trafficking and exploitation is in our town and around us.

This video is only of the speeches by the five organizers and county commissioner Diane McKeel.
 http://youtu.be/vNo02EJoGVI (22 min video).

After the rally, the estimated 200 headed to waterfront and then back to Directors Park.
VIDEO from Event on 10.6.12:  http://youtu.be/vNo02EJoGVI

This is information from their websites:



We are a student founded and student led nonprofit dedicated to combating human trafficking.

YES aims to combat modern-day slavery by raising awareness about its prevalence, empowering youth to be advocates for change, and promoting legislation that will provide aid for victims and prevent future trafficking.

YES is a nonprofit founded and led by students.
We believe that educating youth about the existence of slavery is especially crucial, due to the fact that the rising generation has both the opportunity and the responsibility to create a world where unjust practices in the name of profit are not tolerated.

Board Chair: Allison Nasson
Treasurer: Olivia Hinerfeld
Secretary: Catherine Mattecheck
Director/Designer: Isabela Villarreal
Director: Iris Dowd

General information
On October 6th, 2012, YES will be hosting the 2012 Walk to End Slavery at Director Park in downtown Portland. The event is free of charge. It will begin at 2:00 pm, and Commisioner Diane McKeel will give a brief talk about how slavery affects Portland before the Walk commences. The route of the Walk will follow a mile loop around downtown Portland.
It will end at Director Park.





homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com