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terry schrunk park - re-occupy

Livestream on --> jessehadden (Ustreamer) is streaming from the park (sat 10/6/12) posted on indymedia at 8:37
8:20 PM - a tent was erected in Terry Schrunk park as a symbolic act
over 2 dozen in park

11:15 06.Oct.2012 23:23

battle cops arrive

riot cops show up about 20 min after the portland police had stopped by to say "get out or be arrested"
about 2 dozen riot police have arrived and remove tent and are lined up in the park
nobody is in the park but the police
watching this on Occupyportland livestream

portland popo 13.Oct.2012 20:58

takes the tent


some footage of the tent getting "taken" from in front of city hall
after it was in Terry schrunk park

video; tent is erected in terry shrunk - symbolic 1yr tent 20.Oct.2012 18:07

watching livestream

short vido of the tent going up in park - dark / low light video hard 2 see - recorded from livestream