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Where Is My Pen?

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I love this photo
I love this photo
Just a few moments ago I looked for my favorite ink pen, I know I will be writing in names on the coming ballot. I don't like the choices we are left with and will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. I will not vote for Hales or Smith, they have both just pissed me off so I will be voting for a good and noble man for Mayor, Scott Fernandez. I would be proud to see him take his place in City Hall.

I will also not give Commissioner Amanda Fritz my vote and I don't like Mary Nolan. I will be writing in a name of JoAnn Hardesty and that is very confusing because JoAnn is supporting Amanda. I just don't agree but still love JoAnn and her way of looking at issues. She would be great on the council.

Novick is a done deal and he has been in hiding ever since he received over 50% of the vote and did not have to stand for a run off. I wanted Steve Novick as my Federal Senator and worked for his primary election but at the last moment Merkley was elected. I was stunned. Merkley has been one big pleasant surprise for me, he has paid attention and cast mostly good votes except when it comes to Israel. I still wish Novick all the luck in the world, he is coming in during the worst time for City Hall and will have to work hard it there is any credibility that can be returned to the halls of the 5 shi-s. This council as a body is terrible and I think they all know it. I am thinking we should have a big going away party for Leonard and Adams. Make sure they leave the place and never come back. What you think?

Joe Walsh,
Activist, and man who is retired. HA!

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