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SCRAP's 3rd Annual Rebel Craft Rumble (2012)

SCRAP Portland is pleased to announce it will be holding its annual Rebel Craft Rumble event on October 18th at the Hollywood Theater in NE Portland.

The tongue in cheek craft competition highlights creative reuse, the central mission of SCRAP, in a head to head live competition.

This year, the Rebel Craft Rumble will feature:

• Local celebrity judges including comedian Ian Karmel, Destination DIY's Julie Sabatier, and Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Executive Director of PHAME Academy.
• Former Rebel Craft Rumble Winner Diane Gilleland as hostess
• Amazing raffle prizes including a bicycle from Citybikes
• DJ and multi-media entertainment
Portland crafters get ready to square off at SCRAP's Rebel Craft Rumble,
October 18 (7:00PM Hollywood Theater)

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd.)
Tickets: $10 (Buy now!)
21+ only

Follow us on twitter: @RebelCraft

Sponsors: ReuseConex, Chinook Book, Supportland, ReDirect Guide, Portland Mercury, Tonkon Torp and Concrete 5.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mash-up the Mad Max upcycling aesthetic with the gruelingly hilarious face-off of "Iron Chef," add some of that quirky "Portlandia" flair, and you've got SCRAP's annual Rebel Craft Rumble.

Contestants will compete in front of a live audience to earn the title of Portland's Craft Master at Rebel Craft Rumble on October 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm. An official event of ReuseConex, this crafty affair presents an exclusive opportunity for SCRAP shoppers, volunteers, supporters, and fans to bear witness to a full-fledged DIY brawl, win killer raffle prizes, and get excited about the unmatched creativity that reuse inspires.

At Rebel Craft Rumble, four pre-qualified contestants will compete in dramatic timed face-offs on stage, with a random selection of reused materials serving as the only weapons in their holster. The goal: turn waste into "Wow!" The winners from the first two rounds, selected by a panel of notable crafty judges, will move on to the final bout and go head-to-head in hopes of becoming the next Craft Master.

As SCRAP's annual community event and fundraiser, Rebel Craft Rumble takes a passion for creative reuse and combines it with the full-bodied flavor of SCRAP's customers themselves, many of who are local reuse artists or renegade crafters. The 21 and over audience is encouraged to don their most distracting outfits for the rumble, gleefully heckle competitors and judges, and generally get hands-on with the competition. This tongue-in-cheek event will also feature a Craft Cop patrolling the crowd to ensure all spectators are sufficiently rowdy and raucous, and a raffle chock-full of booty from local businesses.

Destination DIY's Julie Sabatier, one member from last year's panel of judges, touted the "creative competitiveness" of Rebel Craft Rumble: "Crafty mavens wielded hot glue guns, scissors, and sparkles along with a bee costume, caution tape, and cleavage."

Reigning Craft Master Diane Gilleland, of CraftyPod.com and formerly of the Church of Craft, will relinquish her glue gun to emcee this year's event. "Crafting at high speeds, bribery, lots of trash-talking, beer, high drama—what's not to like about Rebel Craft Rumble?" said Sister Diane.

Shawn Bowman, a.k.a. Miss Demeanor of Criminal Crafts, fell out of the competition during the first round in 2011. This year, she is already poised to bring her best crafting game to the stage: "I've been in training all year, cleaned up my glue gun, polished my pinking shears. If I'm picked to rumble, there'll be some crafty gals crying crocodile tears in P-town, because Miss Demeanor plans to go home with the trophy."

Rebel Craft Rumble will be held at Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd.) in Portland. Tickets are available at scrappdx.org/rcr. General admission is $10, or $8 in advance for ReuseConex conference attendees. Competition begins at 7:30 pm and the program will run two hours. This event is sponsored by ReuseConex, ReDirect Guide, Supportland, Chinook Book, Portland Mercury, Tonkon Torp and Concrete5.

Proceeds from the annual event benefit SCRAP's many programs, including a retail store and education offerings for all ages. SCRAP relies on community support to provide an environmentally sound solution for individuals, families, and businesses to donate reusable materials and discover affordable and interesting art, craft, and office supplies. In 2011, SCRAP diverted 115 tons of usable material from the waste stream. Located at 2915 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. in Portland, SCRAP can be found online at scrappdx.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.scrappdx.org/rcr