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The Science of Fluoride - on KBOO Friday morning at 11

Joe Meyer hosts a special program on the impact of fluoridated water on the environment, and then Kim Kaminsky will give an update on the petition campaign to overturn city council's decision to fluoridate the water, and put the issue to the voters.
Fighting the Fluoridation of Portland's Water Supply
Friday October 12th 11 am to noon on 90.7 fm or  http://www.kboo.fm

On September 12th, the Portland City Council voted 5-0 to add fluoridating chemicals to our Bull Run water. This is a highly contentious issue, as Portlanders have already rejected forced fluoridation three times at the polls.

Joe Meyer hosts a program in two parts:

First he speaks with Howard Patterson, MEM (Masters Degree in Environmental Management), and Jeff Fryer, PhD in fisheries, about the impact of fluoridating chemicals after they go down the drain.

In the second part of the show he interviews Kimberly Kaminski, Executive Director Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, who is working on a referendum to reverse the City Council decision.