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"Amazing!" Idea For New TeeVee Show!!!

Just when teevee is running out of ideas for how to redo old redos of old ideas, here's a new plot! Yay!
Here's a plot for new teevee drama-type show: How 'bout self-proclaimed "progressive" & "weird" city, where civilians have died at the hands of cops, with others brutalized, & where protests only draw a few dozen, mostly black bloc, & where county prosecutor always supports those deaths, & where the city finally stands up to the corrupt police union, & where senile state arbitrator says no to the city standing up to the moronic police union, & where lazy state employment relations board also says no to the city standing up to the vile police union, tho even the feds have said that those cops have gone way too far way too often. How 'bout that for a new teevee show!

No, wait. That couldn't happen in real life. Too outrageous.

Portlandia 04.Oct.2012 16:10


Corin Tucker and Chris Kattan could cute it up for mainstream audience.