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Repost from One People's Project dated September 27, 2012
Since 2009, Citybikes Workers' Cooperative in Portland, Oregon has known about the deep involvement of a key figure of their co-op in antisemitic organizing--political work done in collaboration with white supremacists, Holocaust-deniers, and others on the extreme-Right...
Rose City Antifa

Since 2009, Citybikes Workers' Cooperative in Portland, Oregon has known about the deep involvement of a key figure of their co-op in antisemitic organizing--political work done in collaboration with white supremacists, Holocaust-deniers, and others on the extreme-Right. Tim Calvert, the Citybikes President at the time of writing, is defended and promoted by the rest of the co-op, who attempt to maintain a progressive image while propping up their antisemitic President. Anti-racists first raised the issue of Calvert's antisemitic organizing in 2009, after Calvert and his cohorts in the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance hosted a speech by Valdas Anelauskas, a racist organizer who proclaims that evidence for the Holocaust is "shaky." Citybikes mishandled its response during 2009, making excuses for Calvert and declaring that no problem existed after Calvert issued a bogus apology, even though Calvert's organizing against Jewish people continued unabated. In September of this year, anti-racists again drew attention to Calvert's antisemitic organizing. In particular, we noted that Calvert twice gained venues for Fritz Springmeier, an antisemitic author convicted of bank robbery charges alongside a white supremacist accomplice. (Springmeier's 1997 robbery plot also involved detonating a bomb at an adult video store as a diversion.) Footage of the Citybikes President giving an extreme antisemitic speech was also pointed to at this time, and Rose City Antifascists provided an extensive chronologyof organizing by Calvert and his Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance organization. Now, Citybikes having discussed their President's organizing yet again, the co-op has refused to take substantive action on this escalating community problem.

On the morning of Monday, September 24, 2012, Citybikes held a meeting regarding the latest revelations concerning their President's antisemitic organizing. A representative of Rose City Antifascists contacted Citybikes later that day, asking for clarification about any plan of action the Citybikes co-op may have to finally address Calvert's bigoted activism. Citybikes refused to give any clarification regarding the co-op's position, despite having several years ago made an empty statement that it "recognize[s] the need for communication" on this matter. Silence from this business is unsurprising, given that Citybikes has already spent three years being negligent on this issue and supporting its antisemitic President. Citybikes' refusal to take any action (even in the face of much new information on Calvert's political work and associates) now compels an anti-racist response.

When we first alerted the community to Tim Calvert's extreme-Right organizing back in 2009, the initial response of the Citybikes Board of Directors was not only to side with and praise Calvert, but to label our organization as "fascist" for criticizing Calvert's antisemitic activism. This Citybikes statement accused anti-racists of "shutting down disparate voices" by mentioning and speaking out against Calvert's work with a white supremacist. Ironically, it was the Citybikes collective who shut down disparate voices: their business later retracted its first statement because it was "was not released with consensus from all members of the Board, nor did it pass through the hands of each and every worker." Citybikes also insisted that it would be illegal to fire Calvert, a clear misrepresentation of Oregon as well as federal law for the business' own purposes. The Citybikes business later issued a vague and noncommittal statement about "the need for communication". Citybikes proceeded to stand by Calvert as he publicly complained that his critics were on a "Stalinist" (later also described as "Zionist") crusade against him.

Some critics of Rose City Antifascists defend Tim Calvert's antisemitic organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state interference, not from criticism by the public. Our organization has always been clear that we do not call for any sort of government intervention regarding hateful speech, by Calvert or anyone else. We aim to address issues of racist and extreme-Right organizing within communities, not to trust or engage the courts, or to ask for government action. We oppose calls to fight fascist movements through increases of state power, as this firstly treats the state as an allegedly neutral tool and conceals institutional racism. Furthermore, increases in state investigative and prosecutorial power against alleged "extremism" can facilitate crackdowns on protest and social change movements in general, which we oppose.

Our organization believes that communities should unite in opposition when white supremacist, fascist, or antisemitic organizers attempt to target sections of the population. We believe that when white supremacists and fascists organize, they inevitably try to exert their strength against those they perceive as enemies--people of color, Jewish people, workplace organizers, sexual minorities, Leftists, and other groups. Watchfulness on the part of communities is therefore appropriate, including strong responses to antisemitic agitation--such agitation has historically tended to explode into sudden and extreme violence when allowed to spread. Organizing such as Tim Calvert's, in spreading lies about Jewish people, creates favorable conditions for such violence. Tim Calvert, who twice secured meeting locations for an extreme-Right bomber, should not play innocent about the climate he is creating and its consequences.

Our organization is a militant one and we believe that force may at times be a necessary component in resisting fascist and white power organizing, if the alternative is simply to stand by and allow assaults, organized persecution, bombings or killings to take place unopposed. Our campaign in documenting and drawing attention to Tim Calvert's activism, however, has been one of ideological confrontation. Through his Jew-hating activism Tim Calvert made himself a public figure, and thus became subject to public scrutiny and criticism. Calvert should expect antifascist criticism to be loud and unrelenting.

Rose City Antifascists asked Citybikes--a business with a progressive and community-oriented image--to say that antisemitic agitation and racist propaganda do not serve their community. We requested that the business take a concrete stand against such agitation, when a central co-op member worked for years spreading antisemitic lies and hosted a white supremacist. Calvert gains activist prestige and political credibility from his co-op work, because his workplace is falsely viewed as a progressive institution. This prestige and power is then used by Calvert to promote hatred of Jewish people, and to organize with racists and anti-gay bigots. If Citybikes is unhappy about the antisemitic organizing of their President, then it should certainly take action about this.

In Rose City Antifa's first discussion of Calvert's organizing, we argued that "If a collective or co-op can't deal properly with an anti-Semitic activist within its ranks, then it does not deserve to be supported." We stand by these words over three years later. We have seen that quietude and tacit acceptance only allow antisemitic organizing to continue, escalate, and grow even more extreme. Silence and denial are not the answers. We call for a complete boycott of Citybikes.

Some Things You Can Do to Support the Citybikes Boycott

(1) Remove any links to Citybikes on your website or Facebook page. If you have been giving advertising to Citybikes, tell them why you are stopping.

(2) Discuss problems of antisemitism in your community group. Antisemitism thrives when concealed, excused, or treated as "not an issue." Make a commitment to educating yourself and others in your community.

(3) Tell your friends why you are supporting other Portland bike shops, and mention this when making purchases at these other establishments.

(4) Organize in the co-op community to oppose racist, antisemitic, anti-gay, transphobic, and anti-women politics. Realize that these problems affect participation within the co-op movement, and erode any claims of equitable workplace involvement.

(5) Keep an eye out for updates and share them with your friends, community organizations, as well as bike-related social groups.

(6) Contact Rose City Antifascists about any responses from Citybikes, or updates on Calvert's bigoted organizing. Our voicemail number is 971-533-7832 and our email is fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

homepage: homepage: http://onepeoplesproject.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1077%3Aportland-bike-co-op-maintains-anti-semitic-president-antfa-call-for-boycott-of-

rien n’est si ordinaire que d’imiter ses ennemis, et d’employer leurs armes 04.Oct.2012 12:46


racism is an inescapable reality of our culture. we are all here tainted, especially with this country's deplorable history but also with the history of humanity. this is not a curse to hatefully or fearfully fight, as one can never fight reality. the horrors of racism can only be overcome with compassionate understanding and with recognizing the beauty bearing us all up for the brief moment of human life in all people (and in all life, if you want to get all hippie about it). i believe it is counterproductive and detrimental to our humanity to punish people for our proximity to evil, for simply inhabiting a world where racial, ethnic, cultural, homophobic, and sexist prejudice exists.

it's important for us to deal with these issues, within ourselves and our community. this is important, serious, and humbling work nobody can do for another so we mustn't allow it to be usurped by any person or group. fundamentalist ideologies are here attempting this, to commandeer thought and dialogue, hindering respectful exchange of ideas on our indymedia site. this lowers the credibility of all of information, motives, and communications in general.

i am troubled when voices in our community attempting to open a discussion regarding the methods (let alone character) of a force like rose city antifa are met with fundamental aggression. where there is no kindness anywhere in pro-rca responses the validity of concern becomes more acute. if rose city antifa is working for the sake of the community and not some ingrown thuggish malfeasance as drives the average s.h.a.r.p., then why try to silence the community? exactly what are the inner intentions and motives of rose city antifa if it disregards questions from a forum itself posts to with such smug hostility? it is the community's burden and duty to question such organizations which operate with no other oversight.

(my interest and concern in the matter was sparked by this particular thread:  link to portland.indymedia.org)

arrogant self-assurance in one's agency when undertaking such work as antifa is dangerous, and perhaps even delusional. nothing is so sacred as to be beyond questioning. i do not mean to suggest that antifa organizations are misguided or unimportant, but i do mean to emphasize that our rose city chapter has historic standards to live up to. anyone taking part in antifa work had best be in possession of a warrior-poet's heart, intending only to bring growth and communal respect, not simply to his own self, but to humanity as a whole. we must also operate with profound understanding that, regardless of anything we accomplish, how convinced we might be in the justice of slandering another's name, we might still be wrong and must therefore hold ourselves accountable to the community, because one thing we do not need is more police dividing us as a people.

at this point some may be quick to dismiss me as a nazi provocateur incognito, so i'll here disclose that a jewish lineage precludes my membership to most hate groups. their general standards as a whole are considerably low but this is one factor upon which they remain particularly resolute. and as to the mirrored extreme, a commitment to striving for truths of the human heart over fascism bars me from engaging in groups confronting hate with yet more hate, hence my misgivings with s.h.a.r.p. affiliates and the like.

i have a similar growing unease with rose city antifa, most notably highlighted in this tim calvert debate that keeps arising. i don't know the man so my understanding of this case is a bit abstract and perhaps overly simplistic, but the back story offered begins with rose city antifa's evidence of antisemitic characters being a part of the 911 truth alliance. tim calvert is suspected/accused of aiding the propagation of antisemitism ideology for organizing 911 conspiracy theory talks. rose city antifa presented its concerns about tim calvert's activities to the community as represented by citybikes, in, what i'll assume and hope was, the spirit of open dialogue seeking further perspective and resolution of the matter. citybikes, fulfilling the role of community oversight which rose city antifa asked for, resolved that concerns about tim calvert, the man himself, were unfounded.

i don't see where citybikes was at fault in this. no record in the documentation rose city antifa has presented recounts tim calvert having ever expressed antisemitic ideology. i may be old fashioned, but traditionally in this community, calling a person out publicly (for bigotry, sexual misconduct, snitching) is a serious matter to be weighed and balanced very carefully with explicit, direct, and objectively clear evidence.

beyond a reasonable doubt is, i believe, the measured phrase granting retaliatory action in these situations. yet rather than accepting citybikes' resolution, rose city antifa adopted an unreasonable campaign of slandering not only tim calvert, but also the whole of citybikes. these two degrees of separation comprise an uncomfortably wide gap for accusation, and, at least in my perspective, mark a petty and obsessive streak of impropriety in rose city antifa.

this attitude caused portland's indymedia site's recent decline into further absurdity, overrun with the backlash of 911 truthers pushing the lines of racism, zionistic sentiments in return denouncing muslims, and pro-rca fundamentalists demanding a groveling public apology from joe anybody in the shadow of the authority rose city antifa has granted to itself. i fear rose city antifa's trigger happy methods will lower antifa legitimacy to the inane levels of scientology or tinfoil hat conspiracy nonsense already cluttering this site's newswire.

the work of antifa requires a high quality of disciplined character, sound and stable minds, open sagacious hearts, and the strength to transcend one's pride. with these attributes antifa organizations gain their most prominent foundation, that being the respect and support of its community. for that, rose city antifa has to be better than this butthurt campaign against citybikes. bigots are not people greatly overburdened with intelligence or restraint but that does not give us license for lower standards of tactics, strategies, and methods when confronting anti-human ideology.

--and a side note here to the indymedia worker bees: if you're going to edit posted comments, might you also correct any glaring typos? last minute alterations, while potentially offering a spontaneous breath of life into a comment's language, too often carry the reckless risk of an absent article or preposition. a little help with these careless omissions would be an appreciated recompense from a censor's scrutiny.

Here's the research article outlining Calvert's organizing for and with racists 04.Oct.2012 16:18

Auntie Fa

Yes, Tim Calvert promotes racists and anti-LGBTQ activists 05.Oct.2012 09:43


From the comment section:

"If you camt [sic] show that these people are a threat to ethnic minorities or Queer folk they ain't fascists and you are crossing a boundary."

Many anti-racists, on the other hand, believe that opposing antisemitism is important in its own right. One does not actually need to find that antisemitism coincides with other racism or with anti-LGBTQ hostility, in order to consider it wrong and oppose it. Calvert's own antisemitism comes across clearly in his 2011 speech that was recorded and now circulates online.

Calvert organizes events for racists and anti-gay activists. Valdas Anelauskas, who Calvert hosted in 2009, is a self-proclaimed "racialist" and "white separatist." Fritz Springmeier, who Calvert secured spaces for in 2011 and again this year, was a member of the (now-defunct) Christian Patriot Association, a racist group. One of Springmeier's accomplices in the bank robbery plot, Forrest Bateman, was a white supremacist--Springmeier and Bateman apparently first met at a Christian Patriot Association gathering. Calvert and the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance have furthermore organized events for Constitution Party activists. Mary Starrett in particular promotes a racially-charged anti-immigrant agenda.

Regarding anti-LGBTQ hostility, it should be remembered that the 2011 weekend of events that Calvert booked the Sellwood Community Center for, also included a presentation by Calvert's 9/11 Truth Alliance associate Tim Titrud arguing that hate crimes against gay people are generally "false flag" events. Mary Starrett, who Calvert and the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance also hosted, is another promoter of anti-gay politics.

Here is Calvert's two-time guest Fritz Springmeier on homosexuality, from Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati book:

"A number of Clinton's high appointees are homosexuals. There is a high correlation between homosexuality and the occult and also a big correlation between the type of 'Jews' Clinton has chosen and Satanism. Historically, some of the most rabid anti-Christians are Satanists from Jewish backgrounds.

"During the inauguration week witches, homosexuals and homosexual witches gathered at the White House for various celebrations, to perform, to hold rituals, and other events. These people were invited by the President for various things. Clearly, those who are known publicly as a witch or a homosexual are considered honorable by the President."

In terms of being a threat, the 1997 bank robbery plot of Fritz Springmeier also involved deploying a pipe bomb against an adult video store as a diversion. This certainly shows a willingness to use extreme violence against perceived enemies.

Calvert is an antisemite who organizes support for white supremacists, Holocaust-deniers, and anti-gay bigots. While Calvert is himself not a fascist under the standard definition of the term, opposition to Calvert's organizing is very much within the antifascist purview because of who Calvert organizes with and promotes. Calvert has definitely positioned himself in relation to the far-Right political galaxy, and works to promote several of its propagandists.

@hlc 05.Oct.2012 15:49


If hlc=halliburton crusher, his comment is self-serving hypocritical bullshit. Google "Halliburton Crusher". Results will show an anti semitic apologist with close ties to Calvert's conspiracy group. See also this PDXIMC thread:

If hlc is NOT "halliburton crusher", his comment is STILL self-serving hypocritical bullshit. Notice "hlc" has a problem with Calvert being called out for inviting a RACISTS BOMBER here:

Whatever "hlc" priorities are, it's not fighting racism.

And no, having Jewish heritage does not mean it's impossible to be racist or anti-Jewish, or promote racist propaganda. In fact in the very thread "hlc" has a problem with, someone posts a link about anti-semite propaganda and how people can be tricked into pushing it.>  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/09/417943.shtml?discuss#405346

But since "hlc" thinks he's too smart to fall for that, we have to assume he knows what he's doing. Reading that thread, this comment implying Antifa are "agents" trying to "shut down truth" sticks out:

"@: Note: Organizing around September 11 is under attack 14.Sep.2012 11:21
Agency Watcher

This is an attack on 911 and The Truth, disguised as being about anti-antisemitism. Plain and simple.

Many agencies and government agents do not want people meeting and talking about what happened on September 11th. What is being masqueraded here, as stopping hate speech, is in reality a ploy to nix the nine eleven groups (and 9-11 discussion)in Portland. Follow the trail and how this attack is organized, this diatribe is trumped with no tangible merit when it stands alone. It reeks with nothing more than a covert operation to shut down 911 discussion in Portland. "
>>>> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/09/417943.shtml?discuss#405404

This is probably the mentality behind "hlc"'s so called concerns.

they're meeting at the lucky lab right now... 05.Oct.2012 20:27


according to one of their webpages


//////The Portland 911 Truth Alliance meets every Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM at the True Brew located at 3370 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue Portland, OR.

We also meet the 1st Friday of each month at the Lucky Lab from 8 PM to Midnight. The Lucky Lab is located at 915 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland. //////

someone could ask them questions about calvert. or get pics, eithe or.


,......... 06.Oct.2012 16:55


How about you invite them to have a healthy dialogue about whether or not they're biggots before you run over there like a John Ford film looking to beat up a bunch of conspiracy geeks? Seriously.

where is comment asking who said anything about "beating people up" 07.Oct.2012 07:42


it's a fair question.

Calvert is Citybikes President 08.Oct.2012 08:57


A comment in the discussion section wrote: "And hey one other thing is he's not President. It's a co-op for chrissakes. There's no Presidents in co-ops."

If you want to confirm that Calvert is the Citybikes President, simply do a search for "Citybikes" at the Oregon Business Registry Database here:

That Calvert is the Citybikes President may also be confirmed by Calvert's own LinkedIn profile, in which Calvert asserts that he is "President, member owner" at Citybikes.

Of course, one could argue that the title of "President" in a co-op is mainly a formality, but as seen Calvert claims the title for himself. Furthermore, that title appears to correspond to substantial power Calvert actually wields within the cooperative. So calling him by that title is certainly appropriate.
Tim Calvert's LinkedIn profile
Tim Calvert's LinkedIn profile

Calvert is Citybikes President 08.Oct.2012 09:18


A comment in the discussion section wrote: "And hey one other thing is he's not President. It's a co-op for chrissakes. There's no Presidents in co-ops."

If you want to confirm that Calvert is the Citybikes President, simply do a search for "Citybikes" at the Oregon Business Registry Database here:

That Calvert is the Citybikes President may also be confirmed by Calvert's own LinkedIn profile, in which Calvert asserts that he is "President, member owner" at Citybikes.

Of course, one could argue that the title of "President" in a co-op is mainly a formality, but as seen Calvert claims the title for himself. Furthermore, that title appears to correspond to substantial power Calvert actually wields within the cooperative. So calling him by that title is certainly appropriate.
Tim Calvert's LinkedIn profile
Tim Calvert's LinkedIn profile

The Rose City Antifa Threatens Portland with Vigilante Violence 07.Nov.2012 08:46

Hannah Friedlander

The Rose City Antifa are Fascist, Zionist, Cointelpro Brownshirts

The Rose City Antifa are Fascist, Zionist, Cointelpro Brownshirt provocateurs whose method of operation is to harass, smear, harm, and disable the real Leftist activists and Leftist activism in the Portland area.

The Rose City Antifa wear masks to hide their faces, they do not use their real names, and they openly threaten physical violence against those they label and libel as "enemies of the community."

The Rose City Antifa never participate in pro-Palestinian rallies or events, because the Rose City Antifa are closet Zionists. The Rose City Antifa have savagely attacked and harassed the well-known Portland Leftist activist Tim Calvert because Calvert is pro-Palestinian and a proponent of 9/11 Truth.

The Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance includes, and welcomes, members who are gay, lesbian, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Atheist, and whatever. The Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance is anti-war, anti-Imperialist, and predominantly Leftist. The Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance meetings and membership have always been open to anyone who wishes to attend.

The Rose City Antifa Threatens Portland with Vigilante Violence

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, both threaten vigilante-style violence, and both the Rose City Antifa and Anti-Racist Action express their contempt for the Rule of Law. Just Google "antifa violence".

"We don't believe in waiting for the police to handle the fascists and racists, either. We know their job is to protect and serve us with harassment, beatings and arrests. We know that institutions like the police and prisons can never be "fixed" or "reformed" if their function is to maintain a racist and homophobic power structure. We believe that we need a dedicated and large force of militant antifascists with great intelligence, analysis, and dedication to crushing emerging extreme Right and fascist movements." - Rose City Antifa website.

"If you can get away it [sic], carry weapons, or if there's a chance you might get searched by cops, carry items that can be used as weapons in a pinch (hefty flagpoles, thick placard sticks, batteries, maglights, bike locks).... And don't forget your masks—nothing makes the fascists tremble like a group of black-clad, balaclava-wearing Antifa bearing down on them." - Anti-Racist Action website.

"On May 19, 2012, up to 20 people wearing masks and black clothes entered the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park (a suburb of Chicago) and used bats and hammers to beat patrons who were attending the fifth annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. Five members of Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, which is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network, were subsequently charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

"On April 15, 2011, ARA members confronted the National Socialist Movement's annual conference in Pemberton, New Jersey. A melee ensued with reports indicating that four members of the NSM being hospitalized and the conference being shut down." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, are violent extremists who want to replace the Rule of Law with Mob Rule under the Diktat of the anonymous Antifa and Anti-Racist Action thugs and their anonymous leaders.

Portland Anarchist Caught After Fire Bombing Police Car

Police: Man on Bike Threw Fire Bomb at Police Car
By KATU News and KATU.com Staff Published: Nov 5, 2012 at 7:44 AM PST
PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland Police have a suspect in custody they said threw a molotov cocktail at a police car early Monday morning as he rode past a precinct parking lot on a bicycle. Sergey Yefimobich Turzhanskiy, 24, was arrested just after 1:30 a.m. after police said he threw a fire bomb at an unoccupied police cruiser parked in the North Precinct parking lot in the 400 block of NE Emerson Street. Police said Turzhanskiy is charged with attempted arson, possession of a destructive device, attempt to elude, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration. Arson investigators with Portland Fire and Rescue are also looking into the incident. Turzhanskiy is due in court on Tuesday, according to police.
 link to www.katu.com

From:  http://anarchistnews.org/
anon - Tue, 2012-11-06 01:02 Tags: Anarchist Practice Portland
Sergey is a friend of ours who was arrested early this morning on suspicion of firebombing a cop car in NE Portland. Their family says Sergey was beat up by the police while in custody and is in the medical unit. They are being held on three felony and three misdemeanor charges, including attempted arson. Please come to Sergey's arraignment tomorrow (Tuesday): 2pm in Courtroom 3 of the Justice Center in downtown Portland. Please donate to Sergey's legal support fund! This money is going toward their $3000+ bail and to pay for a lawyer. The sooner Sergey's family can raise bail, the sooner Sergey will be out.

"We don't rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn't mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists. In ARA, we have lots of different groups and individuals. We don't agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other." -- Rose City Antifa website  http://rosecityantifa.org/