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1989 Global Forcast, After the Warming

After the Warming (James Burke 1989)

Clearly things have not gone as predicted. But things actually are not far from the mark with the luxury of 20 years of hind site

"After the Warming (James Burke 1989)
1:46:59 - 5 years ago
An early documentary about global warming. It theorizes and tells facts about the effects global weather has had on our history. It then theorizes a lot more about its effects on our future and especially the way in which we will overcome it's bad effects. If you don't mind some, not proofed, theorizing from a reasonably intelligent guy, and are interested in our climate, this is probably a must see. I like it."

I recommend seeing James Burke's connection series. Apparently the energy lobby did not run its counter propaganda efforts earlier as it had during the subsequent 20 years since this product.

You can probably thank Clinton for Reagan for undermining main stream TV balance.