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Video: Public Access Interviews Regarding Water Fluoridation

Two educational 1/2 hour interviews conducted on the public access program, "A Growing Concern." Both guests oppose adding fluoride to our Bull Run water, providing clear and convincing evidence.
The shorter of the two interviews is with Howard Patterson, Master of Environmental Management. He speaks at length about the effects of fluoride on fish, the food chain and the environment in general. Howard also discusses other sources of fluoride in our water.

Howard Patterson

The slightly longer of the two segments is with a Portland dentist Bill Osmunson, who for many years bill supported and promoted adding fluoride to the water. But, after researching fluoride, where it comes from and it's long range consequences, Bill now works to convince others that this practice is harmful to people and the environment.

Bill Osmunson

Both guests stressed the need for people to support the referendum campaign which would put mandatory fluoridation to a city wide vote in May of 2014.
20,000 signatures are needed by October 11th, 2012, though the goal for the referendum is closer to 30,000.
Signatures are currently being gathered throughout Portland. Those signing must be registered to vote in the city of Portland at their current address.

This undemocratic and tyrannical decision by Portland City Council also affects other surrounding cities who get their water through the Portland municipal system. Citizens of Gresham, for instances, cannot sign the referendum, but they can collect signatures and volunteer with the campaign in many ways.

This practice began in our country around 1945, without proper research as to its consequences. Currently most of Europe and many other parts of the world are refusing to force this questionable "medication" on their populations. And the list of those who formerly added fluoride but have subsequently stopped is steadily growing.

Over the years funding for research has been lacking and members of the medical community who came out against the practice were fired, blackballed and their careers suffered.

There is still much research to be done on water fluoridation, and it is up to public opinion to drive this beyond those who have long promoted this practice, either out of ignorance or self interest.

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